Proper Use Of Scheduled Distribution

You must be wondering about the practical uses of the customs distribution in customs report area in the QuickBooks Online Certification training for ProAdvisors. In simple words, it also means that your reports will be distributed automatically without giving you the chance to review it. This is quite a common question that has cropped up in the mind of users from across the world. However, there is a list of things that can be carried out with practical applications.

Proper Use Of Scheduled Distribution

Just like the journal entry, if the scheduled distribution is not done following the rules then, it might get you into a messy situation. You will not have to send a Balance Sheet or Profit and Loss automatically to the client before reviewing it. But complication rises when you want to drill down the uncategorized expenses with the Excel attachment that is used to add the required facts. There are also queries about work costing report that is filtered in the favor of COGS transactions. These are also not mapped to an item or customer.

It is vital for you to remember that the reports first needs to be forwarded to your team members for review before it is sent to the clients.

Forming Scheduled Distribution

In case you want to create a scheduled report then you have added the report first in the My Custom Reports tab. You will get this option in the report center of the QuickBooks Online. Once you are done with it, click on the Edit tab that is placed on the far right side of the column next to the My Custom Reports tab. Here you can check for the options that are going to schedule your email. In the Edit Schedule tab, there are options for you like when you want to send the reports with other information and other related ones.

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