Previous Version Of The QuickBooks Update Notices

The users that are into the system of QuickBooks are facing much confusion about the changes that have been taken place in the messaging format of QuickBooks. At first, the changes will seem quite small but, as there are so many malware and scams around, people have started to think that whether it is a fraudulent thing or not.

Previous Version Of The QuickBooks Update Notices

In the early version, the users would get help from the company release of the updates related to maintenance at regular intervals. These updates were also in sync with the legal version of the QuickBooks. And if your system was enabled with the automatic feature of the update without your notice the latest updates will be downloaded in the background.

After the updates are done, you will get notified about it the next time you open the QuickBooks. The notifications are quite simple and you will get the details about the products and software that are downloaded with the updates. You will also have the option where you can get to choose whether you will install the programs now or later.

About The Latest Style

The changes in the latest versions follow:

  • You will get the notification about the revision that the system has installed in it. It will help the users to skip the updates that are not required.
  • You will first think after seeing the notice that it is one of the malware scams in the desktop performance. You will think like that because of the notification states as performance updates instead of product updates.
  • These factors have made many users suspicious of the fact whether the updates are authentic or not.

However, in defense of all these facts, there is much that can be said about it. The title bar of the company still has the same name as the service. You will also get the details about the latest inclusions.

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