Challenges With The Initial Process

It is already discussed that the inventory of the Online QuickBooks is updated by the company. There have been some noticeable changes in the tracking features of the inventory. It is introduced to a small number of users first to track the difference and reactions from the users.

Challenges With The Initial Process

To create a new item in the inventory facts like As Of Date values and Initial Quantity on Hand is quite vital. The glitches with that were:

  • It was not allowed by the process to insert the type of transaction in a situation where quantity on hand needs to be changed. It was termed as As Of Date by the system.
  • You were also not allowed directly to change Quantity of the initial transaction.
  • In case you have entered a wrong value of cost and want to change it in the inventory that was made initially, you will face trouble to do so.

As mistake was probable in the first transaction by the users, so majority of them used to face problem that was hard to fix.

Inclusions And The Latest Updates

The most recent inclusions in form of updates has made editing an easy thing in the Inventory Starting Value transaction. The problems that were faced earlier are solved to a large extent.

Striking features are:

  • Firstly, there are no problems like displaying error messages if you are editing a transaction.
  • You will have to click on the Edit tab every time you want to make some changes. You cannot carry on with it directly and enter new values on fields in the view.
  • There will be no chance that your transaction will be recorded twice like in the previous version. There is also no delete version here.

The edit option is also modified to such an extent that you can carry on modifications in the inventory adjustment accounts as well. This change is taken well by the users.

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