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Once you have planned to work on QuickBooks files, you can understand the importance of QuickBooks Registration Support. Before you happen to use any of the new QuickBooks software, you have to register with the team. Unless you are able to do that, it will be difficult for the users to create or open company files. It is mandatory to register every time you are planning to install QuickBooks on a computer. In case, you have multiple copies of such software, then you have to register each copy.

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How To Activate QuickBooks Desktop?

There are two different sets of rules applicable to activating QuickBooks Desktops. One is noted for Windows and another one is for Mac, designed for US only.


  • You have to check if the QuickBooks desktop is already registered. After opening QuickBooks, press F2. It will open the product information window. Here, you have to look for registration status at the right of the license number.
  • In case, the QuickBooks is showing unregistered or not activated, then you have to click OK for closing the information window. After that go to Help and choose the option, which says “Activate QuickBooks”. You have to follow the on-screen steps for verifying the information and complete activation procedure.


  • For the prime step, you have to select “QuickBooks” and then select “Register QuickBooks”
  • Next, get to enter “License Number” and “product number.” After that, click on the button, which says “Next.”
  • Click on the option “Register online”.
  • You need to follow the onscreen information for completion of registration.

In case, the register option is not available, that means your software is registered already.

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Steps For Completion Of QuickBooks Registration:

It is where you need the help of QuickBooks Registration Support service. The steps, mentioned below, will help you to understand the registration process in details.

  1. On the navigation bar right at the top, click on the option “Help.” After that, you have to click on the option, which states “Register QuickBooks.”
  2. Next, you have to click on the option, which states “Begin Registration.”
  3. In case, you have your Intuit account number ready, then you have to type that in the “Intuit account” box. If you don’t have that, then you might have to click on “sign up” link on the right side of the chosen input box.
  4. When the signing up procedure is completed, you now have the right to sign in.
  5. If you want, you have the right to edit any kind of data information in the chosen Intuit account and after that, click on the “register” tab.
  6. When the registration procedure is over, you can easily take help of “QuickBooks pro” with the available registered copy.

If Trouble Persists:

Are you finding trouble while registering with the QuickBooks account? If so, then you have to take help of QuickBooks Registration Support now. Some simple steps can solve the query in no time. When asked to verify the information, you are asked to ensure to offer the same information, which you have given during purchasing. In case the information fails to match, then the service will not be accepted.

In case you are suffering from a technical issue like an error message or blank screen, then you might want to disable the antivirus on a temporary account. It might sometimes interfere with the current registration procedure. In case, you are still not able to register, then you might contact experts for QuickBooks Registration Support and they will help you to register over the phone.

Users Using Older Software:

As per the discontinuation plan from Intuit for the older items, discontinued products are not liable to be registered for the first time. To learn more, you are asked to check the “QuickBooks desktop service upgrade and discontinuation policy information”.

You have every right to re-register some of your discontinued products if those are ever registered before on computer or reinstalled. If so, then you have to call experts for a validation code. But, assisted support for the discontinued product is not quite available now. It is always recommended to upgrade the version of the desktop to the latest option. For any other help, you can check out on QuickBooks Registration Support for valid information.

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