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QuickBooks Installation Support: Simple Yet Effective Steps In Details

Well, QuickBooks Installation Support is not that easy. It takes a little bit of time, knowledge and skills to get your required results. QuickBooks installation might be a tough call for many, but not when you are aware of the points. So, the next time you are facing any trouble while working on QuickBooks installation, then some significant steps might work wonder for you.

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QuickBooks is a robust software and installation process is likely to vary. To be sure of enterprise installation, you might have to gain knowledge on file sharing, networking, and permission. You are requested to back up financial records from the previous accounting system, before planning to procure QuickBooks Installation Support. It is mandatory to keep information for 10 years, as IRS requires. It is important to keep hardware and software from the previous accounting system or have printouts of all accounting and information reports.

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Perfect ways to set a network:

Your network can be set in three ways. You have to choose the option, best suitable for your company:

  • Central server option: Here, the Database manager can be installed on a central server, storing a company’s file. Enterprise needs to be installed on each workstation.
  • Peer to peer option: Here, one workstation holds company file. Other options access company file over the network. These workstations have enterprise installed.
  • Remote desktop services: The enterprise application is to be installed on a powerful central server, which can store the company’s file. Here, the workstations don’t have enterprise installed. They can access application or company file instead of through Remote desktop services.

Check your network bandwidth:

You need to check your network bandwidth for a multi-user environment. However, for single workstation installation, testing is not important. Follow the mentioned points on each company where the software is to be installed.

  • For testing, choose the large data file
  • The size of our testing file should be in MB
  • Copy test file from the network location to the computer and note the time it takes for copying
  • Perform a significant calculation for determining bandwidth: File size x 8 / copy time

Go for firewall check and AV settings:

While installing QuickBooks, if the firewall software is still running, then you should allow the QuickBooks components to access to the network. These companies should be allowed for QuickBooks to operate properly in a multi-user environment.


Once you are through with the prerequisites, now it is time to check on ways to install this software through QuickBooks Installation Support service. Certain simple steps will help to make this installation service works well.

  1. First, choose all the available running programs, including anti-virus ones.
  2. Double click on file you have downloaded. In case, you have ordered an optional backup CD, you can install from that too.
  3. Make sure to follow onscreen prompts unless you can reach option, which said “Choose Installation Type Window.”
  4. Go for the option you want to install. Always go for express to let installer make the choice for you automatically. You can even select Custom and Network option for customizing installation and location. You have to select from the three options given to you.

Using QuickBooks on this computer: Here, the company’s file will be on another computer

Using QuickBooks on this system and storing file here to be shared over network: This server can be used actively as user workstation. It can be the fastest user workstation in peer to peer network.

Using QuickBooks on this system but storing file on it as the file can be shared over network: Here, the computer performs work of a server. Selection of this option will install QuickBooks Database manager automatically and will not require any additional user license.

  1. Now, you have to follow the onscreen prompts until the installation procedure is covered. In case, you ever receive any error message during this installation and rebooting is not solving anything, then you might have to visit QuickBooks Installation Support site for assistance. Click on for details.
  2. Now, for the final step, for configuring database server, you can start the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.


It is not necessary for all workstations to configure Database Server Manager. You are requested to perform the below-mentioned steps on only on that computer or server, where you are storing the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

After you have installed enterprise on the server, you have to configure Database Server Manager for ensuring that users get the chance to access company files, as stored on the server. This will also allow you to check the status of the Database Server service in QuickBooks. It will help you to check out on users, currently accessing the company’s files and checking for recent software updates.

Most of the time, the Database Server Manager can open automatically after installation. If it does not that click on Start Button > Click Programs > QuickBooks > QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

Simple steps to follow:

These are the simple steps, which you can follow while planning to Install QuickBooks software for your company. For ultimate QuickBooks Installation Support, consulting expert is the only way out for the effective result.

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