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Integrating with QuickBooks is easy if you know the points. For that, a little bit of QuickBooks Integration Support is what you should be eyeing for. But, there are certain major points to consider before you even start with this integration procedure.

  • Always try to back up QuickBooks data before starting any integration procedure
  • It is the duty of your accounting expert to be in charge of mapping QuickBooks accounts to the other integrated services
  • You can test the import by using Exact copy of the working file before you can start with the integration procedure
  • Remember that QuickBooks does not support any kind of payment plans. Invoices import from this software will appear as a single invoice even when the payment plan is associated to order.
  • QuickBooks product items are the accounts

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QuickBooks Integration Support Phone Number

☞ Starting With The Integration Procedure:

When you are through with the primary points, now you can start with the actual integration. If you want, you can take help of QuickBooks Integration Support from some of the reputed centers. So, let’s get started with the basic steps involved.

➽ Authenticating With QuickBooks Online Account And Then Importing Chart of Accounts:

  1. For following this step, you need to go to the receipt tab and click on the “Export All” Button and choose the option “QuickBooks Online.”
  2. After that, you can put in QBO details for proper authentication.
  3. For the next step, you can authorize the connection as and when needed.

➽ Exporting the Receipts to Proficient QuickBooks Online and Then You Can Categorize it During Process:

  1. For this segment, you have to click on the button, which says “Export All”. In case, you are planning to export specified documents, then you need to check on the box for selecting each item. After that, click on the “export selected” tab under the chosen receipt tab. After that, you can choose the preferred “QuickBooks online” option.
  2. In this sector, you can click on some “payment types line” to the specified account. This will help the software to auto-fill just for you.
  3. After this, your receipts will be grouped by the name of the vendor. You have to link anyone with the correct expense account from the chosen QuickBooks. The categories, which are assigned within the available account, will have no such impact on the current export procedure. Receipts are asked to be categorized during the chosen export. It does not matter if those receipts have the company’s category or not.
  4. You have to follow this step only once for each vendor. The system will then set a rule for the future receipts with the name of your selected vendor to be associated with the chosen account.
  5. After that, you have to click on “export all to QuickBooks”. That’s the end of this step, and your receipt will then be sent to QuickBooks automatically. The company will send you an email once the integration is completed.

These are some of the simple steps available under the QuickBooks Integration Support category. Depending on the company you choose, the steps are likely to change a bit. Choose the service you want for a better result.

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