Will my version of QuickBooks be impacted?

As of this moment, QuickBooks provides client support and add-on services for professional, Premier, and Enterprise Solutions 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. However, if you’re still employing a 2016 version of QuickBooks, your business is also affected on might thirty first.

Why? If you’re presently employing a 2016 version (or older) you’ll be compact by the might thirty first “QuickBooks Sunset.” The term “sunset” means sure options of the computer code can not operate or be supported by QuickBooks. What will that mean for your business?

Will my version of QuickBooks be impacted?

If you’re mistreatment one among the 2016 versions of QuickBooks listed below, basic computer code options can still work, however you may lose some practicality on might thirty one. To preserve your add-on services, you need to upgrade to the 2019 version.

The QuickBooks Sunset on might thirty one can have an effect on these 2016 versions:

1. QuickBooks Desktop professional
2. QuickBooks Desktop Premier (General Business, Contractor, producing & Wholesale, Nonprofit, skilled Services, and Retail)
3. QuickBooks Desktop for mac
4. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
5. QuickBooks Desktop comptroller
6. QuickBooks Desktop purpose of Sale

Special note for QuickBooks Enterprise Support – you may still have access to support till the expiration of your Full Service set up.To ensure practicality and uninterrupted service, install the newest version of Enterprise Solutions by might thirty one.

If you DON’T use any of the QuickBooks add-on services (see list of add-on services below) or need live technical support, you’ll still use your 2016 version. But, there square measure alternative sensible reasons to upgrade. for example, if you’re searching for new options, or want a a lot of sturdy version to stay up together with your growing business, you’ll decide that this is often an honest time to form the upgrade to QuickBooks professional, Premier, or Enterprise 2019.

What options are interrupted as of the QuickBooks Sunset date?

These options are interrupted on might thirty one for 2016 QuickBooks professional, Premier, and Enterprise Solutions.

1. QuickBooks desktop payroll services (Assisted, Basic, Standard, Enhanced, staff Comp Payment Service, and consider My Paycheck)
2. Live support
3. on-line backup
4. on-line banking
5. vital security updates
6. mastercard process (including automatic mastercard asking and terminal download)
7. Check process
8. Accountant’s Copy File Transfer (ACFT) service
9. Multi-currency/Exchange Rate
10. Bill Pay
11. savvy Payment Network

If it’s time for you to update or upgrade to 1 of the 2019 versions of QuickBooks, make sure to urge in grips with U.S.A. at once. As savvy Resellers, we will assist you opt for the simplest fit your company, and supply the simplest offered evaluation for your new package.

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