What is QuickBooks error code -6000-700 and what are its causes?

What is QuickBooks error code -6000-700 and what are its causes?

The error mentions, ‘We’re sorry, QuickBooks encountered a problem’. Which may indicate that QuickBooks is unable to access the file you are trying to open.

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Cause of QuickBooks error code -6000-700:

1) The record you are trying to access is misplaced or corrupted or damaged.

2) Firewall settings or other security software are blocking the operations.

3) Not updated/up-to-date windows or QuickBooks.

4) Insufficient authorization to your server computer system.

Rectification of the QuickBooks error -6000 -77:

Solution 1: General solutions

Restart the server.

Check your internet connection.

Check if you are providing enough permissions and credentials for the successful QuickBooks running.

Make sure if QuickBooks is installed on your administrator of windows.


Solution 2: Try installing QuickBooks file doctor

  • Using your internet browser download QuickBooks file doctor.
  • save on your desktop when prompted and once done, install on your system.
  • Select the file that is creating QuickBooks error -6000, -77.
  • If your file is password protected using the requisite credentials to sign in and click on ok,
  • Now, two options are displayed on your system screen as follows-

If you wish to open and repair your file in an updated version of QuickBooks or you wish to repair your file in the existing version of QuickBooks?”

  • Move on with an option you desire and click next.
  • After selecting the first option- a message to update the version in which you want to open the file will be displayed on your screen.
  • Select the required version and click on open QuickBooks.
  • If you chose the latter and it has turned out to be effective, QuickBooks will open without any error if not move on to the next solution.

Solution 3: Alter the File extension

  • Open the Company file/QBW file.
  • Right, click on the file with ‘.ND ‘file extension and select rename.
  • Rename the file extension ‘.ND ‘ to ‘.ND.OLD’ extension.
  • Reboot your server system.

Solution 4: Check your system server’s firewall and network security settings

  • Often a connection between two systems is aborted due to firewall or network security settings.
  • Go to start > Search ‘Control Panel’ > select Control Panel > Security Settings > Firewall Settings;
  • Either white-list QuickBooks and its database manager or switch the firewall settings off for time being.
  • Check for you McAfee, Avast, Norton etc security settings if these are blocking your connections switch them off or whitelist the QuickBooks.

If the error still persists, move on to another step.

Solution 5: Try re-installing QuickBooks

Due to incomplete update or installations, the error may persist and can only be resolved once you completely uninstall and re-install the QuickBooks. For Any Help Call QuickBooks Support Phone Number

To uninstall QuickBooks:

Go to start > Search ‘Control Panel’ > select Control Panel > Programs > Locate QuickBooks > Uninstall.

Once completely uninstalled, make sure all the components of QuickBooks are removes.

Now, re-install QuickBooks

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Although, after following the above-mentioned methods and taking future secure and smart measures might save you from the unfathomable error.

If the error still bothers and seem impossible to deal then the best solution would be to contact QuickBooks Error Support at toll-free number +1(855)548 3394 for further ease of access.