What cause the error?

The most well-known bookkeeping instruments that have been outlined and created by Intuit Inc. QuickBooks is a standout amongst of every one of its elements such as, Payroll shapes up as a basic component, handling corrupt file and much more problems that might be faced by the user while handling any application. The entire procedure comes conveniently to solve the client problem in a larger number of courses than one while connecting with the given tool for Quickbooks error 6000 304 support. But the software has a prominent solution for the single issue not for the entire codes.  

Quickbooks Support

On the off chance that somebody encounters an issue identified with this component he can acquire Quickbooks error 6000 304 support by straightforwardly ringing the organization’s help desk for any of the error code shown on your device. On the off chance that they are not accessible they can likewise attempt to get some assistance from the organization’s bolster page over the web by dialing Quickbooks error 6000 304 Support Phone Number


QuickBooks is reliable and easy to use accounting software to manage all your finance related information. There are millions of people around the world who are using QuickBooks for their business propose but there are instances when QuickBooks behave in a strange manner and generate error messages. Most of the errors are related to corruption in QuickBooks database. However there are some generalized solutions available to solve corruption errors but they may not work in all scenarios and for effective recovery of your valuable data, you need to go for a good third party tool.

Consider a scenario wherein you can not open your Company file and QuickBooks is generating error code -6000, -304.

What cause the error?


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The above error may occur when you try to open your QuickBooks Company file and there is not enough disk space available to open the file.

How to fix this problem?

There are three methods to solve this problem. If one method does not help then try another.

Method 1. Check if you have enough disk space available

  • Go to My Computer.
  • Right click on the hard disk where your company file is placed and click Properties.
  • Click the General tab and check for free space. If you don’t have enough space then either moves your company
  • file to another disk or free some disk space on your current hard disk.
  • If your hard disk has enough space then clicks the Quota tab. On the left side of the screen you will see a spotlight icon.
  • If the stoplight is red that means no disk quotas are set.
  • If the stoplight is green that means that means disk quotas are set and you need to consult an IT professional for changing the quotas in following ways:
  • Turn off the hard disk quotas.
  • Either remove the disk quota from the account on which your company file is stored or increase the quotas if there is a need.

Method 2: Run Repair command

You can resolve above error by repairing an existing QuickBooks installation. Before following below steps make sure to close QuickBooks.

 Go to Start-> Control Panel-> Programs-> Programs and Features.
Select QuickBooks and click Uninstall.
Click Next in the QuickBooks installation window.
Now select radio button next to Repair, click Next and then click Repair.
Click Finish.

If you are still getting error then try third method.

Call Quickbooks Toll Free Number

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Method 3: Uninstall and reinstall your QuickBooks file.

Sometime it is important to uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks to remove any damage. So first install and then reinstall your QuickBooks file.

-304 QuickBooks error -6000

We hope that we have been able to resolve the QuickBooks Problem efficiently and effectively. In case you are having some issues regarding anything, contact QuickBooks Error Code Support at toll-free number +1(855)548 3394.

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