There are many QuickBooks Online Banking error codes of which some include:

There are many QuickBooks Online Banking error codes of which some include:

OLSU-1011 error, QuickBooks OLSU-1013 error, QuickBooks OLSU-1014 error, QuickBooks OLSU-1016 error, QuickBooks OL-202 error, QuickBooks OL-203 error, QuickBooks OL-205 error, QuickBooks OL-206 error, QuickBooks OL-209 error, QuickBooks OL-231 error, QuickBooks OL-232 error , QuickBooks OL-249 error, QuickBooks OL-301 error, QuickBooks OL-332 error, QuickBooks OL-334 error, QuickBooks OL-392 error and QuickBooks OL-393 error. There is also a possibility of getting no error code at all or OL or OLSU while creating an account for online services or downloading.

In this article, we will be learning about error code 1013 and how we can resolve it.

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Given below are some of the causes that may have caused this error to occur in your device:

  1. Internet connection problems.
  2. Some sort of bank troubles containing Server down, require to update the changes in QuickBooks, Inactive bank account set up, etc.
  3. Download the problems
  4. Import format issues.
  5. A user is using an interrupted version of QuickBooks or Window

Other Bank feed errors and problems include:

  1. Online Banking Web connect import problems and errors.
  2. QuickBooks Error 301 or 394, takes place during connecting to download transactions or online banking.
  3. While your last online connection was undone, the errors that occur comprise QuickBooks OL-200, OL-202, OL-
  4. QuickBooks Error OL-332 takes place for ‘invalid customer ID or PIN in online banking.

How to resolve the problem:

Solution 1: Activate the TLS 1.2 Security Protocol. You may do so by following the steps below:

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer 11
Step 2: On the upper right corner of the screen, you are likely to come across the Setting option. Double click on it, to open
Step 3: Now press Internet options.
Step 4: Visit the Advanced option.
Step 5: From the Drop-down list, select Security Option.
Step 6: Here, you may find a box close to USE TLS 1.0. You need to uncheck this.
Step 7: You need to check the box close to USE TLS 2
Step 8: Press Apply
Step 9: Choose OK
Step 10: Exit all open Windows on your device
Step 11: Now, you may restart your system in order to authorize it to adjust it to the new alterations that you have created.

If this error stays, move on to the next solution.

Solution 2:

Step 1: Open QuickBooks
Step 2: Select file.
Step 3: Visit New Company to make a test company.
Step 4: Choose Express Start
Step 5: Add bank Details and set the download for bank feeds.
Step 6: Download the Bank Feed Transactions.

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