The benefits of inventory management automation with Sage 300

Sage 300 is a line of enterprise management and accounting applications, which primarily serves small and medium-sized businesses. It offers a well-rounded standard, advanced and premium package to suit almost any type and size of business. You can improve on various sectors of operations with the data that you can attain from such an ERP system. That includes the management of inventory data.

The objective of this article is to explain how Sage 300 helps in making the management of inventories automated. You might have questions that were not answered in this article. You can get them cleared by contacting the Sage Customer Support team


How your business can gain benefits from automatizing your inventory management with Sage 300

Sage 300 is not an inventory management system itself. The modules directly feed the inventory and warehouse data into the overall ERP system. This combination of accounting, warehouse and operations data can help you in making a better business decision.

  1. Creating and building new models for business based on accurate data.

  • At times, organizations can become quite complacent when they’re provided with the same data on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • A newly generated data may provide you with a surprising picture.
  • It may lead you to generate new ideas and new models for business.
  • These new models of business, in turn, may boost your profits and ROI.
  1. Identifying the main drivers of revenue.

  • It might be easy for you to make assumptions about your best-selling products. But, assumptions can stem from unreliable information.
  • In place of making assumptions, you need to base your decisions on data. Identify the main drivers of revenue from your inventory by using the information derived from Sage 300.
  • Focus on find what your best-selling items are. Once you have, you can put more effort into marketing them and boosting your profits.
  1. Understanding who your best customers are

  • Data from Sage 300 can also be used to identify who your best customers are.
  • Combined with Sage CRM and input from your sales team, this information can help you in building models for future marketing efforts.
  • You will be able to derive a model for future marketing programs by analyzing the features of your best customers.
  • Features such as the industry they are in, decision-making process, their annual revenue, problems your company solves and more.

An accurate data helps in building a strong foundation

You can build a better business with strong, supportive, and accurate data. Sage 300 ERP, along with inventory and warehouse data, can be used to build better product strategies and customer profiles.

We hope this article provided you with some insights when it comes to the benefits of inventory management automation. In case you still have some queries regarding the topic of this article, please contact the Sage 300 support phone number 1855-548-3394. The Sage team of technical experts will clear any doubts that you might be facing.

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