Steps to resolve Sage 50 error 1402

Sage 50 is a business accounting software that assists small and medium-sized organizations with managing their finances smartly.

This article will provide you with the steps that you must follow to resolve the Sage 50 error 1402. In case you face any issues while following any of the steps provided below, contact the Sage 50 Help Desk Phone number. Now, before we get into the mitigation steps, we must first assess the reasons that cause this error to occur.

What causes Sage 50 error 1402 to occur?

Sage 50 Error 1402 is caused by inconsistencies in the settings of the Windows registry. Every time you start up a process on sage 50, the error code 1402 starts displaying. This results in the software crashing. Your system may start hanging as well.

If you have any further questions about how the Sage 50 1402 error occurs, contact the Sage 50 support number.

Steps to resolve Sage 50 error 1402

In case you experience this error, press CTRL + ALT + DEL and end the processes related to Sage 50. To resolve the Sage 50 error 1402, you will need to change some of the settings. Most of these settings will be available in the registry. The registry keeps crucial settings that are related to windows and other installed software.

These are the steps that you need to follow in order to get rid of this error:

Solution for resolution: Issues with Registry Keys

  • For the initial step of the procedure, you will need to navigate to the Startmenu on the taskbar.
  • Then, click on the Run option or press the Windows Keyand R on your keyboard.
  • The Run Command window will show up once you perform the previous step.
  • Type in regedit and then click on OK In the search field.
  • Next, the Registry Editor window will open up on your screen.
  • Browse to the location provided below:

  • After that, right-click on the Components option and then click on the Permissions
  • Now, you will need to press on the Advanced
  • Doing so will open up the Advanced Security Settings for the Components’ window.
  • Then, navigate to the Owner
  • Note down the current owner.
  • Navigate to the Change owner section and highlight the current User who is logged in.
  • Click on the checkbox for the Replace owner on sub-containers & objects
  • Navigate to the Apply
  • Once you receive the Registry Editor, you might be unable to set owner on the key which is selected currently. You might receive an error message about sub-keys which you can then dismiss by clicking on the OK option.
  • Click on the OK option for the Advanced Security Settings in Components window.
  • Next, you must scroll to the Advanced
  • The Advanced Security Settings option for the Components window will open on your computer screen. Press the Owner
  • Take note of the current owner.
  • You will need to highlight the Administrators in the change owner section.
  • Click on the checkbox for the option to Replace owner on sub-containers and objects.
  • After performing the previous step you will need to click on the Apply option.

Make a note to self:

You might receive the Registry Editor and you might be unable to set owner on the key selected currently. Otherwise, you might receive an error message for some of its subkeys. In that case, you can simply dismiss the error and then click on the OK button.

  • Click on the OK option that is present on the Advanced Security Settings for the Components window.
  • Finally, Close all of the Registry Editor windows and install Sage 50 once again.

And the issue will be resolved

We hope this article has helped you in getting rid of the Sage 50 error 1402. There are instances where, even after following and performing the steps accurately, you might be unable to resolve the error. In such instances, the best thing to do is to contact the Sage Tech Support Number for technical assistance. The Sage 50 Help Desk Phone Number 1-855-548-3394 team will be there to attend to your chagrin within a brief waiting period of initial contact. They will make sure that any technical glitch that you might be experiencing is taken care of.