Solutions For When QuickBooks Stops Working

Solutions For When QuickBooks Stops Working

A QuickBooks Company file might not open for variety of reasons. it’s going to became broken the last time it absolutely was in use, or it’s going to are broken thanks to some style of corruption on your Winchester drive wherever the file is hold on. different common factors embrace issues with reports or dealing templates that were left open at intervals the file the last time it absolutely was closed (especially if you’ve got the preference hand-picked to ‘save desktop upon exit’. different reasons embrace victimization the incorrect version of QuickBooks, or problems with the placement of the file like access permissions, issues with the file name and file extension, or a conflicting *QBW.tlg file area unit extra reasons why you would possibly not be able to open the file.

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You may expertise numerous error messages together with the -6000 series (there area unit several), or the H###series, C= errors (such as C=343 or C=422, though these area unit rare), numerous unretrievable Errors (I wrote a piece of writing concerning this last week) and plenty of a lot of.

Preliminary Step: The preliminary step is to forever confirm that the matter is de facto with ‘your Company file’ and not QuickBooks itself. One great way of doing this is often to press and hold the management (Ctrl) key whereas double clicking the particular QuickBooks application icon (not your QuickBooks file icon). If the program still doesn’t open whereas holding down the Ctrl key then you’ve got a QuickBooks application issue, and not a ‘file issue’. If QuickBooks will open, then strive gap a ‘sample company’ file, and if the sample company opens then likelihood is that the matter is with ‘your own Company file’.

So let’s assume for functions of this text that you just have determined that the matter should be together with your Company file. a brief time back I conjointly wrote a piece of writing concerning QuickBooks not permitting you to log-in, as a result of the QBW.tlg file or the information server thought that you just were logged-in, therefore I won’t get into those things currently, aside from because the QBW.tlg file could relate to different issues.

Step 1: the first step that i like to recommend is that you just come back to the ‘No Company Open’ screen, if you’ve got that sample file open, then choose the choice to close/log-off from the File Menu.

Step 2: From the ‘No Company Open’ screen, the ordinal step is to pick the Utilities sub-menu from the File Menu, if the choice to ‘Stop Hosting Multi-user Access’ is out there, you would like to pick it. What we tend to are attempting to accomplish here is ‘turn off’ the hosting operate either on the pc you’re victimization, or on the other laptop on your network that’s acting because the ‘host’. therefore you will have to be compelled to bear constant steps I printed a flash past relating to use of the Ctrl key to open QuickBooks with none Company file being opened, then proceed to shut-down hosting on any/every laptop you discover it running. (Note: Hosting ought to ne’er be turned on in additional than one laptop on your network.)

Step 3: The third step is to use the Windows browse feature to find the directory (folder) wherever your Company file is hold on. At now you would like to form a Windows ‘copy’ of your CompanyFile.QBW and CompanyFile.QBW.tlg file and safely store them away in a very directory known as ‘Safety-1’ you produce (I nearly always recommend on the ‘desktop’.) currently i would like you to repeat this method to make another copy in an extra directory known as ‘Safety-2’ and replica the 2 files to it directory further. you’ll be able to forever ‘delete’ these copies if you don’t want them later (one copy could be a true ‘safety’ copy, and also the different are going to be used for ‘testing purposes’.)

Step 4: The fourth step is to try to open the file by browsing thereto via the ‘No Company Open’ window. choose the button to ‘Open or restore company file’ and choose the choice to Open a corporation file. Browse to the conventional location of the corporate file and choose it; but, before you open up, we wish to require steps to stop reports and different windows (including transactions) from gap. To do this, hold down the Alternate (Alt) key once you open up. be sure to stay the ALT key control down till the file fully opens, or a mistake message is displayed, despite the length of your time it takes for QuickBooks to completely load the file. If the file opens then you may wish to run the verify utility, likelihood is that you will have a corrupted report or dealing temp let.

Step 5: therefore if the file still didn’t open in step four, then we tend to area unit planning to attempt to open the copy of the go in the ‘Safety-2’ directory you created below step three on top of, and that we area unit planning to use the steps printed in step four. in fact this point you may browse to the placement of the go in ‘Safety-2’ and NOT the conventional file location. Don’t forget to use the ALT key once making an attempt this step. If the file opens, then likelihood is that you’ve got either a tangle with the file location or Windows permissions for the conventional location of the file. If the file still doesn’t open, then we’ve some a lot of steps to undertake.

Step 6: you may wish to open the Safety-2 directory, then ‘right click’ on the CompanyFile.QBW.tlg file, currently choose the choice to ‘delete’ that file. we wish to delete the dealing log (tlg) file so the CompanyFile.QBW fle has no associated tlg file. Once you’ve got deleted the *.tlg file, proceed with making an attempt to open the file once more, victimization the steps printed in step five on top of. If the file opens, then we all know that the matter stems from either the *.tlg file having the file ‘locked’, or a corrupted or mismatched *.tlg file. during this case you’ll be able to probable come back to your original location, delete the *.tlg file from that directory, then open your traditional QBW file. (Note: In such case, i’d ‘safely move’ the ‘Safety one directory’ to a convenient ‘archive’ location so you continue to have the copy of the QBW.tlg file obtainable must you extremely have information harm at intervals your file. information services will typically use the QBW.tlg file to playback dealing history to correct some information errors.)

Step 7: If you continue to weren’t able to open the go in step half dozen, then we tend to area unit planning to open the Safety-2 directory, then ‘right click’ on the CompanyFile.QBW file; currently choose the choice to ‘rename’ the file. we wish decision} this file one thing terribly easy therefore maybe simply call it Company.QBW for functions of this take a look at. Once you’ve got deleted the tlg file, proceed with making an attempt to open the file once more, victimization the steps printed in step five on top of. If the file opens, then we all know that the matter stems from associate irregularity within the file name, Windows recognition of the file name, QuickBooks recognition of the file name, or Sybase protocols. (While grasp won’t tell you this unless you expertise sure varieties of file issues, Sybase recommends that a information victimization their information server ne’er have any non-alphanumeric characters of any sort together with areas within the file name. as a result of QuickBooks mechanically creates the ‘file name’ from the corporate Name entered throughout set-up, it isn’t uncommon to seek out non-alphanumeric characters in QuickBooks Company file names.)

If these seven steps haven’t resolved your downside, then probabilities is you’ve got some serious corruption related to the corporate file itself. In some cases, though terribly rare in my expertise, the QuickBooks File Doctor can be able to resolve your downside. whereas I actually have written therefore not so wonderful reviews of the QBFD during this publication, I haven’t given you a step by step as a result of those directions area unit downloaded with the tool. Who knows, in your specific case you would possibly simply get ‘the Doctor’ to unravel the riddle of your ‘file that won’t open’.

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