Solution 1: Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic (QB Install) tool

In case you are not able to set up or open QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Installation Diagnostic Tool may help you. It was created to automatically identify and resolve problems together with .NET Framework, MSXML, and C++ issues. It is advised to access QB Install before manually fixing the problem as it can reduce the time required to resolve the problem.

Errors listed below can take place in case your operating system is destroyed or one of the important Microsoft parts that QuickBooks Desktop makes use of is not stable or working nicely. You may download and access the QB install tool to resolve a proper range of error codes that you may get while installing QuickBooks Desktop. They may be:

  • 1603
  • 1935
  • 1904 & 1402
  • Errors relating to damaged Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Errors relating to damaged MSXML and C++
  • Issues opening QuickBooks Desktop like QuickBooks has Stopped Working unrecoverable errors.

Solution 1: Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic (QB Install) tool

Running the QBInstall tool will help fix Microsoft.NET, MSXML, and C++ issues.

1. Download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool.

2. While prompted, save the file on your Desktop.

3. Exit any open programs, then run the QBInstall tool.
Note: It may consume20 minutes to finish relying on your internet speed and computer’s performance.

4. Restart your device after running the tool to make sure the components are correctly updated.

Solution 2: Download Windows updates

While you download Windows updates, it will set up missing improvements pertaining to .NET Framework, MSXML, and C++ problems.

In case your Windows operating system is outdated, QuickBooks may be unable to install or open properly. You can run Windows updates by:

Step 1: Pressing the Windows key on your keyboard

Step 2: Typing Windows Update on the search field.

Step 3: After installing updates, reboot/restart your device, then open QuickBooks Desktop to view if the problem is fixed.

Solution 3: Fix problems with QuickBooks Desktop Support Phone Number and Microsoft components manually

In case QBInstall does not fix your issue you can attempt to resolve these from Window components on your own. Please make sure that you try this only when you are an IT professional, an advanced Windows expert or something. You can also hire them to help you.

1. Solution 3 in Repair or reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework

2. Fix Microsoft MSXML

By using the following steps – you are able to resolve your QuickBooks error code problem. If the same error message is coming again and again, reach out to us by connecting at Quickbooks error support phone number +1(855)548 3394.

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