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We know that Fixed Assets might present issues at times:

Sage Fixed Assets Support ???? 1855(548)3394 service is a utilitarian software from among the Sage bundle that gives you access to a variety of functionalities to handle your accounting responsibilities. It will take care of multiple projects with in-build modules that will increase your accuracy of depreciation calculation, with the most advanced security features.

Even with this array of useful features present, Sage Fixed Assets software also presents its users with unexpected bugs and errors from time to time. While some of them may have simple resolution strategies, and can be rooted to connectivity issues or Firewall configuration, others might prove to be more problematic, caused by registry corruption, or file damage. In such cases, our Sage 50 Support Phone Number comes into play, by connecting you to a team of expert advisors who will handle all your Sage related issues with ease.


What can Sage Fixed Assets software do for you?

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The usual Sage issues we provide support for:

General PC troubleshooting.Registry corruption in Windows.

Damage done to your core data files.

Unable to find your login ID/password.

Net connectivity issues.

Issues with depreciation calculation.

Runtime errors.

Problems while installing the software.

Facing issues while updating to a new version.

Frequently Asked Questions for Sage Fixed Assets:

How to properly run lists on excel?

In case you wish to group your assets by class and transfer them to an Excel sheet, you will need to access your system admin functions and alter the general information fields in the smart list entries.

How to properly use asset disposal feature?

This feature could be slightly complex for the newer users, with a few nuances that most might miss. Our Sage Support Number would be more than glad to give you a complete walkthrough of the software details and its usage.

Having trouble dividing my depreciation into groups.

Whenever you run a depreciation report for your assets, you are presented with the option to create a new group. You may use this function to create as many criteria for your assets as you wish.

How do I copy assets to a new company?

It is not possible to shift assets from an old company file to a new one. The best alternative is to manually move them when you feel the requirement to add it to your new company.

How to add depreciation books to my accounts.

You may simply add the depreciation calculation features provided to you in the Sage Fixed Assets software. In case you have already tried, and it is being faulty or presenting you with errors, you may call the Sage Fixed Assets Helpline Number and they will be quick to resolve your problem.

I am not able to dispose of my Fixed Assets.

You simply need to use the dispose option present on the application interface. The disposed assets will automatically drop off your books at the time of closing, i.e., at the end of the pre-set Fiscal year.

Facing duplicate image errors while working.

This could show up even you are not attempting to duplicate an image in your file. Usually it is caused by your lack of access to the Read/Write feature that is defined by the drive letter you are attempting to copy to or from.

How do I transfer assets to a different user?

As far as the merging of companies goes, it is quite a complicated process that should be done with the help of an IT professional, so as to avoid loss of your precious data. This could be especially challenging if the assets you are trying to transfer have been acquired at different times, with different depreciation periods.

I am having issues with upgrading my software. Help!

You should start by checking your internet connection, as this could be due to connectivity issues. However, it could also be a more deep-rooted error relating to your core file corruption. You could also contact the Sage Customer Support Phone Number for instant resolution of the issue at hand.

How do I delete my fixed assets?

There is no way to delete them other than using an individual method of removing them from your books. In case you wish to dispose them, the answer has also been given above. However, they will automatically dispose themselves at the end of the Fiscal year if you already added that to the parameters.
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