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As you are already working with QuickBooks, you know the fact that it is software and thus, needs to be updated every year. The update is carried out to meet the demands and specifications of the users for accounting and sales transactions. Though the manual will be updated from the official website, there is nothing confirmed about the update. You will have to check the reviews and wait to see how it is operating in the market.

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Possible Hitches Of The Latest Versions

One of the possible changes that might well be an issue for the users is the one that is related to Payment Card Industry or PCI compliance. If your working is related to this segment then you have to possibly remove some of the features of your system. Moreover, the problem might also take a bigger shape by ceasing most of the other features of the QuickBooks.

Challenges that will be faced by the Pro, Premier, and Enterprise

  • Stray items will be deleted when the rebuild utility is updated.
  • Failure of verification after removing the class from the selected record is resolved.
  •  the transaction will be now saved successfully with details. It will include two parts, one is the part number of the manufacturer and the other one is the item that is not purchased by the vendor.

Changes For Enterprise Users

  • If you try to disallow the insertion of any negative quantity while making an invoice then, a “Negative On Hand Detected” alert will appear.
  • The notification will appear after you are done making the invoice. Manipulating, changing and modifying of barcodes are allowed without freezing the screen.
  • Issues regarding the given error will be fixed in the file QBWIN.LOG, when you are trying to initiate a Verify: Sum of item xx xx xx where item site tablet is not matching the quantity that is hand stored in the item table history.

However, you have to run the program to see the modification for yourself.

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