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The active users and ProAdvisors of QuickBooks are receiving official emails from the company emphasizing on updating the QuickBooks security software. This is not all, as the users are urged to carry on with the updating processes as soon as possible to enjoy uninterrupted services of the software.

These types of notifications have created a buzz amongst the users as they are much confused. The notice, on the other hand, does not signify anything in particular or what will happen if the update processes are not carried out.

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Facts About Affected Quickbooks Versions

If you carry on with the updates then, this will affect every version of the QuickBooks Desktop. ULIP procedures are also used to update some of the programs and products of QuickBooks. Ultra-light patch or ULIP is the system that is required for petty updates in the QuickBooks. It will help the R3 version to stay R3 only.

Earlier, the versions used to notify whether they have used the ULIP or not but, that practice has been discontinued by the company. Thus, it is now quite challenging to find out whether the updates are carried on under ULIP or not. However, if you have “automatic updates” enabled ULIP installation will be automatic.

What About Its Safety?

The notifications initiated by the QuickBooks caused some concerns in the server that made the user think about the security of the data. And you will be glad to know that the data is safe, and there is not much threat related to it.

Updating the security software will ensure that your data is safe and will also make sure that you are using authentic methods for connecting the QuickBooks with the other services that are provided by the company.

The official company of QuickBooks is also in the process to introduce “multi-factor authentication” for greater benefits of the users.

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