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As we all know how QuickBooks helps us in account related problems by minimizing the chances of errors made by humans but did you ever face QuickBooks arising problems itself while running in a system ?Or are you having some difficulties running the “best accounting software” in your machine?

Point of Sale – POS tracks your daily purchasing, receiving, and selling of merchandise, and tracks inventory and customers too. QuickBooks financial software is used to pay bills, manage cash flow, invoice customers, and run financial reports.

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Point of Sale can be integrated with QuickBooks Pro/ Premier/ OR Enterprise Solutions. Integration and exchange of data with QuickBooks provide many benefits. It can significantly reduce your workload because you can conduct your inventory and sales activities in Point of Sale, then transfer the resulting data directly to your financial software. There is no need to enter information twice.

Point of Sale – POS transfers the following to QuickBooks during the financial exchange:
New and updated customer information (except account balances), New and Updated vendor information (active), New vendor payment terms. Sales information (receipts, deposits, sales tax, shipping), Payments on account, Cash drawer payouts, Receiving information (vouchers). Vendor billing information (optional) and Inventory adjustments (memos, aggregated).
And QuickBooks transfers the following to the point of Sale – POS during the financial exchange:

New and updated customer information, including account limit, balance, aging status, and any past due amount, New and updated vendor information (active), New vendor payment terms and Inventory items (not routinely; must manually import).

The Multi-Store edition of Point of Sale – POS can be configured to manage up to 10 stores. In such a setup, each store can have 1-10 workstations running the program.

In Multi-Store setup, there is central control over inventory and purchasing, transfer between stores, exchange of information between stores, running reports for the company, and track the on-hand quantity of an item at any of the stores from any other store.

Store 1 is often designated as Headquarter Store or the Master Store controlling the other stores. It controls over inventory, purchases merchandise across stores, runs reports for the company, and exchange data with QuickBooks financial software. Headquarters also has all the abilities of a remote store and can create documents for any store.

While Store 2-10 is referred to as Remote Stores. They receive and sell inventory, track customers, transfer items to other stores when needed, and run reports for itself. Each store processes and settles its credit, debit/ATM, and gift card transactions. It runs the End of Day procedure for itself. It has its set employees and security settings.

Headquarter and Remote Store communicate with each other through the store exchange process. It is typically done at the end of each business day so that Headquarters and all other stores (remote stores) have current information for the start of the next business day.

How to Set an Invoice Number in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks automatically sets your invoice number and increases it sequentially with each new invoice, but you can adjust this number to anything you want. Setting your own invoice number can help to keep invoices for different clients separate. QuickBooks will continue to advance your invoices by one number, so you’ll need to adjust this number for each invoice if you want to jump by other amounts.

How to Rest QuickBooks?

QuickBooks requires users to register their software within 30 days of purchase or download in order to continue using it. During the registration process — either online or by phone — QuickBooks provides a registration number the user enters into a file named “qbregistration.dat.” The registration number activates the software, allowing its continued use. If the DAT file becomes corrupted or fails to appear, you can write or rewrite it from scratch using any plain text editing app.

Call us at Quickbooks Our Toll- Free Number

+1(855)548 3394