QuickBooks File Doctor?

QuickBooks File Doctor?

QuickBooks file doctor could be a package launched by getting the picture INC. for QuickBooks users. As you’ll be able to perceive by the name Doctor, it’s used for determination the problems user’s faces whereas victimization the QuickBooks. Before QuickBooks has launched 2 package name QuickBooks company file diagnostic tool and QuickBooks network property diagnostic tool.

Intuit has combined each of 2 programs along and named it QuickBooks file doctor. So, it’s a file repairing package to resolve problems with files and knowledge corruption, windows issues and far additional. QuickBooks file doctor by users allowance checks the corporate broken or corrupt file and resolve the problem as fast as doable. to grasp additional concerning this package contact on the QuickBooks client support range.

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When QuickBooks file doctor is useful?

QuickBooks file doctor helps a user in several problems once the QuickBooks user faces issues. a number of them square measure listed below:

  • If you’re unable to access an organization file or face error like 301, 305, 6000, 6150 etc.
  • It will be terribly helpful if you lose some company files, because of some reasons.
  • When you face network problems like accessing the multi-user setup or error like H202, H303, and
    If you wish to access an organization enter a system that is held on in another system.

Limitation of QB file doctor?

  • You need to possess an online association for file uploading and manual repair.
  • The company file mustn’t be quite the scale of 2GB.
  • You can’t install multiple version on a similar
  • It solely supports .qbw and .qba files.

Before victimization the QuickBooks file doctor you ought to transfer QuickBooks file doctor 1st. Let’s take a glance at steps however you’ll be able to transfer QBFD:

  • Launch the online browser you utilize and attend the official web site of QuickBooks.
  • Search for QuickBooks file doctor.
    Click on transfer.
  • Run the QBFD.exe file to begin the installation of the package.
    Remember that, it’s necessary to possess a .net framework on your pc. If you don’t have then QuickBooks file doctor can mechanically transfer it.
  • Now follow the screen instruction to put in QuickBooks file doctor

After the installation of QBFD, double-click on the QuickBooks File doctor icon created on the desktop to launch the QBFD.

When the QBFD package is launched to follow these steps to diagnose a file:

Step 1


Open the QuickBooks File Doctor software and in the appeared window, choose the company file you want to repair. For that,

  • Click on the ‘Browse’ button and locate the company file.
  • Select the company file and click on ‘Diagnose file’.

Step 2

step 2

In the 2nd step, enter the username and password to access the company file.

  • Enter the correct ‘Username and Password’.
  • Then click on OK.

Step 3


After that, the QuickBooks File Doctor will start the diagnosis process. Wait for a few minutes, until the QBFD detects the problem with the company file.

Step 4

step 4

When the detection is complete. QuickBooks File Doctor will show the list of all the problems with the company file. Click on ‘Proceed’ to start the fixing of the problems.

Step 5

step 5

Then you will be needed to choose between ‘Server and workstation’.

  • Choose ‘workstation’ if the company file is not in the system, and you are accessing the file through the network in a multi-user environment.
  • Choose ‘Server’ is the file is stored in the system.

Step 6

step 6

When you have chosen between ‘Server and workstation’ if prompt, click on Yes if you are running the file on ‘server’ and NO if the file is running on ‘workstation’.

Step 7

step 7

Now, the diagnosing process is complete and you can access the complete the file. Click on ‘Open’ to enter into the company file.

QuickBooks File Doctor Support Number. QuickBooks File Doctor Support Support phone number USA. Our team is alert 24*7 to pinpoint every QuickBooks File Doctor and finds the solution for every such QuickBooks issues.

QuickBooks File Doctor may be a straightforward, however effective file repairing software system application that has been designed to repair a range of files of your company and additionally fix the corruption of knowledge. It also can be accustomed to fix windows issues, network diagnosing and additional. With the assistance of this application, you’ll check the broken files of your company and resolve it quickly exploitation this application. This application is that the best issue for troubleshooting steps once the files or knowledge of your company is corrupted or not responding to your commands.

How useful is that the QuickBooks File Doctor?

QuickBooks File Doctor is that the most useful gizmo for your help to unravel most of the QuickBooks connected problems.

If you’re unable to access the files of your company or encountering errors like 6000 series error, 6146, 6150 and 6130 errors, then you’ll use the appliance arranged the problems
When you have lost a number of the crucial files of a corporation or worker knowledge files, then this application will assist you resolute access that company files with ease.
It also can be helpful in most of the network problems, particularly after you face difficulties in accessing multi-user setup issues
When you attempt to access company knowledge on one system that is kept in another system, then error QBW, QBA in file extensions occur and this may be resolved with QuickBooks File Doctor.
The process to Use QuickBooks File Doctor
Remember, not all problems and error are often resolved with the file of QBFD, there are some errors which require skilled help and this can be wherever you wish to approach the QuickBooks Support team.

  • Before exploitation the appliance you wish to transfer it. transfer the QB File Doctor and run the QBFD.exe file on your system
  • Install it and make sure the system has.Net Framework while not that the file won’t get put in on your system.
  • Follow the installation method and complete the installation
  • Now double click the put in application to launch it and follow the below steps
  • Browse the corporate get in computer that you just need to repair and so click on Diagnose File
  • Now enter the Username and word
  • Wait until QuickBooks Diagnose method is complete
  • You will receive a prompt message asking you to pick the Server or digital computer.

The application can diagnose and repair the corporate file mechanically
After the file is repaired you wish to travel back and check out to open the corrupt file all over again. you will ask for the assistance of QuickBooks Support team if you’re undecided concerning its functioning.

Repair broken Company File By exploitation The QuickBooks File Doctor

In 2012, introduced QuickBooks File Doctor (QBFD) has got to dig with the initial program or unable to unravel the bound issues. Of course, QBFD is there are 2 styles of programs accessible the assorted problems. The QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool (QCFD) which has QuickBooks Network property Diagnostic Tool has incorporated tools of the primary program in QuickBooks File Doctor.

Solving knowledge concerning problems:

QuickBooks File Doctor is made in 2014; the interior QuickBooks File Doctor is just demanded on quipped with determination the information and programs. Moreover, if you discover the issues access to your QuickBooks company file ar nearly multi-user surroundings et al. obtaining the error facet network is that the internal doctor helps to not accessible in addition as punished the doctor outside the premises. additionally, if you discover the matter of company file associated with high harm and facing error series of 6000 most actually. several kind of errors like (6000 -82, 6150, 6000 -305, 6000 -301, 6147, 6130). you’ll use and in-built a QuickBooks File Doctor in addition as detain mind that it’s solely accessible discharged in 2014 R5. The QuickBooks File Doctor has extremely counseled that use of external version and not creating concerning these issues with releases will update your QuickBooks. the present unleash of QuickBooks is up to now accessible or not.

It is one among the simplest Limitations of QBFD is value begin as a result of it’s will amendment the various means of adapting to urge over with these issues. In fact, QBFD won’t support the corporate file ought to be volume quite a pair of GB. they need to be maintained and located your company file “is or” larger than 2GB for one more means in addition as restricted of dig knowledge services.

QuickBooks File Doctor, Most of the initial issues may unable to unravel the additional issues and continuing the business issues. However, the utilization of the previous 2 tools with the passage of your time to QuickBooks has resolved all issues found in QBFD. Nowadays, solely accessible on QuickBooks to unravel the issues are the following:

  • The QuickBooks Company File is .qbw and .qba
  • Accessing the file issues of networking errors within the multi-user surroundings
  • The QuickBooks files extensions ar.QBW and.QBA.
  • Repair solely on QuickBooks Files, it’s the first Company Files keep in your computer (.QBW) and therefore the copy of your account exploitation this (.QBA).

About dig knowledge Services:

Usually, the dig knowledge Services are enabled for the 2 objectives entailed during a company either the information that you maintained in your company is of quite 2GB or QBFD as an alternative the accessing of files from any server or digital computer. the problem within the 2GB or QBFD file that you just can’t have any choice to open and use the file’s associated with your company since it’ll constitute varied problems.

The service that is allotted by the dig knowledge Service is all of the dig given by the dig client Care policy. varied numbers of choices are accessible with differed value. You folks need to diagnosing your needed one and choose supported that term. Even this system offers a varied alternative however isn’t suited to you since it’ll take additional days on the far side the limit. In such days you have got to survive the absence of your files associated with the corporate.

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