QuickBooks File Doctor Tool – Fix Damage Company File Error

QuickBooks File Doctor – Intuit Inc has certainly developed QuickBooks as a source to provide accounting support to every business. That business can be categorized as a small, medium or large-sized. Irrespective of the nature of the business, the advantages it has, are easily categorized for every business. There can be instances when you are working on this accounting platform and you suddenly get an error message. In that predicament, QuickBooks File Doctor terms to be a help.

As a matter of fact, you can easily QuickBooks File Doctor Download from the official website Intuit Inc.

List Down the Operations of QuickBooks File Doctor

We will discuss the advantages of the said software.

  1. As soon as you get a series of errors, like, 301, 305, 6000 and 6150, you can take the resort of QFD.
  2. The loss of company file is menacing to your financial data, so this helps you in restoring your company file.
  3. There can be errors related to the network, like, H202 & H303. These are easily handled by QFD on your system.
  4. An easy passage to your company file is provided through QFD. There might be a chance that your company file is situated at another location.

Emphasize on the Backdrops of QuickBooks File Doctor.

There are certain indications which put a backdrop on QuickBooks File Doctor. We will discuss every backdrop with you:

  • Internet Requirement

Your system should have an appropriate internet connection. If your system does not have a proper internet connection, then you cannot use QFD.

  • Data Size

The company file is of 2 GB in size. So, keep a check on the size of your company file.

  • Multiple QuickBooks

When you have a number of QuickBooks software application installed on your computer system.

  • File Support

Only two types of files extensions are supported by QuickBooks software – .qbw & .qba files.

A full recommendation is to you to first QuickBooks File Doctor Download.

  1. The first part is to launch your web browser and then log in to the official Intuit’s QuickBooks website.
  2. Secondly, you have to navigate for the QuickBooks File Doctor software application.
  3. Thirdly, to terminate your error, you surely have to download the said application.
  4. Fourthly, after downloading the application and install the software.

A main point is that .Net Framework is relevant for all of this procedure.

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How to Treat Errors Through QuickBooks File Doctor Tool?

We will guide in all of this process:

  1. In the initial mode, you have to open the software.
  2. In the second phase, navigate to the “Browse” option to look for the company file.
  3. As you see the company file, then go to the “Diagnose file”.
  4. Type in Username & Password in the dialog box prompting on your screen. Then, you have to choose the option of “OK” to move onto the process.
  5. You have to check for your process as it is going on.
  6. Click on Proceed button to initiate the procedure.
  7. Make a choice between Server & Workstation. Navigate to “workstation” if the existing company file is unavailable on your computer. You have to see that if “Server” is your preference or not.
  8. As you have made a choice between “Server & Workstation”, you can choose one of the choices as per your convenience, and after all these steps. You can press Yes. You can click Yes when the company file is running on the server, and No when the file is on the workstation.
  9. All the steps are performed by you, and now we will discuss the last steps with you. As you are near to the process completion, then you will see that you will start having 100% passage to your company file. After this, you can choose Open to have access to the company file, so that you can perform your QuickBooks tasks.

Our QuickBooks Support

To conclude this blog, you can terminate your QuickBooks errors by using QuickBooks File Doctor. We have a full team of certified ProAdvisors with us.

Our team is proficient in dealing with all the errors of QuickBooks. Make sure you have QuickBooks File Doctor in your system. If you are unable to terminate your errors through QuickBooks File Doctor, then you are most welcome to call our QuickBooks Support. Make sure you have QuickBooks File Doctor Download in your system.

We assure you that your error resolution is our responsibility; we have trusted the team with us to guide you.