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The desktop version of QuickBooks business accounts computer code stores all of your company accounts records during a company file on your laptop. Transferring this knowledge to the QuickBooks on-line service could seem sort of a discouraging prospect, notably if you’ve got many years price of information to maneuver.

QuickBooks Desktop Toll-Free Phone Number

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However, you’ll be able to import the QuickBooks company file that contains all this knowledge to the QuickBooks on-line service via your computer’s application program. For the transfer to figure properly, QuickBooks says you need to use the Microsoft net adventurer browser with ActiveX controls enabled.

Copy the corporate File

1. Launch the QuickBooks desktop program.
2. Press “F2” on your keypad to open the merchandise data window. Write down or copy the name and directory location of your company file displayed within the File data section of the window.
3. Open the corporate get into QuickBooks. If prompted, enter your administrator parole.
4. Click “File,” “Utilities” or “Maintenance” so “Copy Company File for QuickBooks on-line.
5. Enter a reputation for the file and choose a directory location on your laptop. keep in mind the directory location, as a result of you’ll would like this data to import the file into QuickBooks on-line.

Enable ActiveX in net adventurer

Launch net adventurer.
Click the “Tools” button with the gears icon within the top-right corner of the screen so choose “Internet choices.
Click the “Security” tab within the dialog window so click the “Internet” button within the Zone pane. Click the “Custom level” button.
Scroll to the “ActiveX controls and plugins” section.
Click the “Enable” button beside the subsequent ActiveX controls
Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls Binary and script behaviors transfer signed ActiveX controls Run ActiveX controls and plugins Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting.
Click the “OK” button.
Click the “Advanced” tab so clear the “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” check confine the safety section.
Click the “Apply” button so click “OK.”
Close and restart net adventurer.

Enable ActiveX in net adventurer

  • Sign in to your QuickBooks on-line account.
  • Click the “Company” tab within the main menu so choose “Import QuickBooks Desktop Data” from the menu.
    Go to the placement of the corporate file you saved earlier.
  • Click to pick the file so click the “Open” button.
  • Follow the steps within the onscreen import interview window that launches mechanically. throughout this method you’ll got to enter basic data concerning your company, like contact data and bank details.
  • Wait for around twenty four hours for QuickBooks to finish the import method. you’ll receive associate email once the method is complete.

If you wish to access your knowledge far from the workplace or need to grant users outside of your company access, it’s time to convert to alittle business accounting computer code like QuickBooks on-line. the nice news is changing from QuickBooks desktop to on-line is very easy, you’ll be able to have a go at it yourself; if you grind to a halt, you’ll be able to contact QuickBooks support for free!

Before we tend to start, the method enclosed during this article is for tiny businesses that presently use the Windows Pro/Premier version of QuickBooks Desktop. Click here to urge started for complimentary with QuickBooks on-line thus you’ll be able to follow together with the stepwise directions below.

If you utilize QuickBooks raincoat, follow these directions for QuickBooks raincoat, and if you utilize QuickBooks Enterprise, here are directions for QuickBooks Enterprise.


Here are the steps to convert QuickBooks Desktop to Online:

You can solely import your knowledge to QuickBooks on-line inside the primary sixty days of the subscription begin date. If you’ve got had your QBO subscription for over sixty days, then you’ve got 2 options:

Find a QuickBooks ProAdvisor UN agency will convert files inside the primary a hundred and eighty days of their subscription begin date; OR
Set up a brand new QuickBooks on-line subscription and use a distinct email address.
Verify the whole target count in QuickBooks Desktop. To do this, open your QuickBooks Desktop file and press F2. Total targets cannot exceed 350,000 for the import to figure. within the example below, the whole variety of targets is twenty five,642. Note: If your file exceeds 350,00 targets, you’ll get associate choice to import lists for purchasers, vendors and product and services together with account balances solely

Prepare Your QuickBooks Desktop knowledge for Export

Follow the steps below as a listing to confirm your knowledge is prepared for export:

Update your knowledge – this is often your chance to wash up your knowledge. as an example, if you’ve got customers or vendors whose contact data has to be extra or modified, this is often the time to require care of that.
Complete outstanding tasks – Ideally, you ought to convert your knowledge at the top of a month, quarter or year. therewith aforesaid, certify that each one bank accounts are reconciled, payroll has been processed and every one inventory changes are created before conversion.
Backup your knowledge – Before you’re taking the steps to import your knowledge into QuickBooks on-line, create a backup of the info file. to make a backup copy in QuickBooks Desktop, go to: File>Back Up Company>Create native Backup, as indicated within the screenshot below:

Create a QuickBooks on-line Account

In the next screen, you’ll enter basic contact data like email address, name and mobile variety and parole to urge your QuickBooks on-line account established. As mentioned antecedently, if you’ve got associate existing QBO account, it’s to be but sixty days recent so as for you to convert your knowledge. If your account is over sixty days recent, you’ll got to produce a brand new one.

If you don’t see the “export company file to QuickBooks Online” possibility, you wish to transfer the foremost recent update. From the assistance menu, choose Update QuickBooks, as indicated within the screenshot below. Once the update has completed, shut out of QuickBooks altogether so log back in. come back to Step a pair of on top of.

Indicate whether or not you wish to Bring Over Inventory

If you’re managing your inventory in QuickBooks Desktop, it’s presently valued victimisation the typical price technique. However, if you opt to bring the prevailing inventory into QuickBooks on-line, it’ll be valued victimisation the first in first out technique, which can have a big impact on the worth of your inventory. make sure to see your comptroller before you bring over your inventory, as a result of you may have to be compelled to report a modification in inventory technique on your return.

If you say “yes” to the higher than question, the worth of every point are going to be recalculated victimisation the first in first out technique as of the beginning date that you simply choose within the higher than screen. As noted above: make sure to see your comptroller before you are doing this as a result of they’ll got to report a modification in inventory ways on your return.

If you don’t have associate degree comptroller and you’re in a very hurry to convert to QuickBooks on-line, say NO to the higher than question. you’ll be able to continuously import your inventory from associate degree stand out computer programme once you’ve got an opportunity to see associate degree comptroller.

Select Your QBO Company

Select the QBO company that you simply wish the info to import to from the drop-down list. If you forgot to line up your account, click on the “create new QuickBooks on-line company” link and follow the on-screen directions.

Data File Copy

You should see a notification just like the one below once the method has begun. The length of your time this method takes relies on however giant your file is. If you don’t have a great deal of information, this might take simply some minutes however if you are doing have an outsized file, it may take many hours.

Once your record has been derived, you may see a notification just like the one below. Click on the “Ok, got it” button and you’ll be able to log off of QuickBooks Desktop or keep operating.Once your knowledge is prepared, you may receive associate degree email spoken language your knowledge is prepared to review in QBO, just like the one below. Click on the “Complete your setup” button to log into QBO and review your knowledge.

At this point, there area unit some options that aren’t obtainable in QuickBooks on-line. If you continue to would like any of the subsequent options, we tend to don’t advocate that you simply convert to QuickBooks Online:

Sales Orders
Fixed plus following with fastened plus Manager
Price Levels
Estimate to Actual news
Price Levels
Estimate to Actual news

Benefits of changing Your knowledge from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks on-line

There area unit many edges of changing your knowledge from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks on-line. If you’ve been in business for a minimum of a year, you wish to be ready to access the prevailing monetary knowledge of your business so you’ll be able to run comparison reports in QuickBooks. Second, the dig support team can do the work for you.

All you’ve got to try to to is complete some steps to arrange your file for conversion. The third reason is that if your QuickBooks knowledge has become unreliable as a result of it had been created improperly or not maintained, you’ll be able to begin with a tabula rasa.

Listed below area unit 3 edges of mercantilism knowledge to QuickBooks Online

Gain the power to Run Comparison Reports

Whether you’ve been in business for twelve months or some years, one in every of the benefits to having access to historical knowledge is that you simply will run reports to match the present year to previous years.

It’s necessary to be ready to run comparison reports so you’ll be able to compare the present year to the previous to envision trends in financial gain and expenses. Having access to the current info can assist you to form choices that would impact the longer term of your business.

Make the Conversion to QuickBooks on-line freed from Charge

Intuit doesn’t charge you a penny to import your knowledge from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks on-line. All you’ve got to try to to is prepare your file for conversion, transfer it and dig can do the rest!

Let’s say that your existing QuickBooks file has seen quite its share of bookkeepers WHO didn’t do such an excellent job with managing your books. you’ll be able to export your client, vendor, and product and services lists from QuickBooks Desktop, provided the knowledge remains reliable, and import these lists into QuickBooks on-line. Once you’ve got all of your lists foreign, you’ll be able to skip ahead to the Quickly rise to hurry with QuickBooks on-line section of this text.

To export an inventory from QuickBooks Desktop, show the list and click on on the stand out icon set within the toolbar, as indicated within the screenshot below:

The method the programs area unit written and structured area unit completely different, which, in turn, means that there area unit areas wherever options or knowledge won’t transfer over. i will be able to entails some notable areas.

QuickBooks on-line “Recurring Transaction” don’t convert to QuickBooks Desktop “Memorized transactions;” Shared reports and Automatic emailed reports won’t be saved or reborn, together with Location following, doable loss of apps.

A simple answer is that if you’re changing a file with no inventory, no hooked up apps and no payroll your conversion goes to be electric sander than a knowledge file with a great deal of items to convert, that is wherever the conversion will get tough.

Apps positively area unit a thought if your QuickBooks on-line Company uses them. though your app has each a QuickBooks on-line and a QuickBooks Desktop version, i might advocate vocation your apps to raise if they might convert and if there’s a fee for conversion.

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