“Password incorrect” when trying to use Gmail in QuickBooks

“Password incorrect” when trying to use Gmail in QuickBooks

You’ve correctly set up your Gmail inside of your QuickBooks company file, but whenever you try to email forms, you receive an error message stating the password you entered is incorrect.

This “password incorrect” error is a Google security measure to help protect your Google account against suspicious activity. Since QuickBooks is located on HarborCloud’s servers, Google notices both that there is a third-party application (i.e., QuickBooks) trying to use your Gmail and that this application is located on a different device than what you usually use. Due to both these factors, Google thus does not allow your Gmail password to work in QuickBooks in HarborCloud without additional authorization.

To resolve, we just need to configure the Google account to allow QuickBooks in HarborCloud to use your Gmail account to send out emails. Below are instructions modified from Google’s own support article on this

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Setting Up E-mail in QuickBooks

Log into your company file.
Select Edit > Preferences.
Select Send Forms in the left pane of the Preferences window.
Select the Web Mail radio button (under “Send e-mail using:”).
Click Add.
Complete the following fields in the Add E-mail Info window:
E-mail ID: Enter your e-mail user name (usually your e-mail address unless otherwise noted by your provider)
E-mail Provider: Select the relevant e-mail provider (either Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail/Live, or Others)
Server Name: If you selected Others as your e-mail provider, enter the SMTP address (your e-mail provider should have given this to you)
Port: If you selected Others as your e-mail provider, enter the port number (for most providers, the port is 25)
Mark the SSL checkbox if your provider uses this service (most providers do not use SSL by default).
Click OK.
Click OK to close the Preferences window.
Open a document and attempt to send it. If everything is set up correctly, you will receive a message saying that the e-mail was sent successfully. If not, you will be prompted to enter your e-mail login information again.

QuickBooks Email Options

You might not always see all three options for email in your QuickBooks desktop preferences. Some versions of QuickBooks don’t provide all three, and even if you have a version that supports all three you might not see all of the options on some particular computer installations.

Outlook support is only available if you have installed Microsoft Outlook locally on your computer, and sometimes there are issues with the Windows Registry that prevent it from showing as an option. It is my preferred email integration, as it provides you with the greatest degree of control.

QuickBooks E-mail is my least favorite. It depends on Intuit mail servers and they don’t offer the best features. Also, since the release of QuickBooks 2011 you can only use this if you are paying for some other Intuit service (like payroll, or the ProAdvisor program).

Web Mail was introduced in QuickBooks 2011 and it lets you connect to Google Gmail, Yahoo email, or your own web-based email service.

Before we talk about the problem that you may run into with QuickBooks and Gmail, let’s first talk about how to set it up.

If you wish to use Gmail to send forms and reports from QuickBooks desktop products, select Edit in the main menu, then Preferences.

Select the Send Forms preference, and the My Preferences tab. Choose the Web Mail option, and click the Add button.

In the dialog window that pops up you will enter your full Gmail address, then select Gmail from the Email Provider dropdown list. QuickBooks will automatically fill in the SMTP Server Details for you. Click OK to save this, and your address will be added to the E-Mail IDs list.

Sending an Invoice with Gmail

Now that we are set up, it should be a simple thing to send an invoice to a client using our Gmail account.

I’ve created my invoice, for a customer that has a valid email address in their customer record. I’ll click the Email button to send this invoice now.

How to use QuickBooks Email to send Invoices, Reports and Bills.

This tutorial will teach you how to configure QuickBooks email to send email using the settings available from your email provider. Before beginning the step below, be sure that you have the following information available:

Call Quickbooks Toll-Free Number

+1(855)548 3394

1.) Your email address
2.) Your email password
3.) The name of your email provider
4.) The name of your email server (available from your email provider)
5.) The outbound email port (available from your email provider)