How to Restore QuickBooks Pro 2010 From a Crashed Computer?

How to Restore QuickBooks Pro 2010 From a Crashed Computer?

You never really appreciate the value of a backup until your hard drive crashes. After a crash, you can restore QuickBooks Pro 2010 by first reinstalling the program and then restoring your backup of the company database. You’ll have to recreate any entries you’ve made between the time of the last backup and the time of the crash.

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Reinstall QuickBooks Program

1.Navigate to the download page for QuickBooks Pro 2010 (link in Resources) if you don’t have the original disc or if you purchased your copy of QuickBooks online and downloaded the copy you installed.

2.Locate your license and product numbers on the case of the original media or in an email receipt from an online purchase. Alternatively, select “Look Up Your License Number,” enter the business phone number that Intuit has on file, and then select “Retrieve My License Number.” Open your email program and retrieve an email from Intuit with your license and product keys.

3.Insert the original CD or DVD, and then wait for the installation program to start, or launch the installation file you’ve downloaded. Choose “Next” to start the installation.

4.Read the license agreement and check the box to agree to its terms. Select “Next” to continue.

5.Choose “Express,” and then click “Next” to accept the default installation options.

6.Enter your license number and product number, and then select “Next” to review the confirmation screen. Select “Install” to begin the installation. Choose “Finish” when it completes to automatically launch QuickBooks Pro 2010.

Restore Company Database

1.Select “File,” and then click “Open or Restore a Company.”

2.Select “Restore a Backup Copy | Next | Local Backup | Next.”

3.Click the “Look In” list box and select the location of your backup file. For example, choose a network drive with the backup, or insert a flash drive and select the correct drive letter.

4.Select the company’s QBB file from the list of backup files. Choose “Open,” and then click “Next.”

5.Click the “Save In” list box and select the location to store the QuickBooks files on the hard drive. Enter a company name, verify that the save extension is “QBW,” and then choose “Save.”

6.Sign in to your QuickBooks company database and verify that the information has been restored correctly. Change the company name back to its original name if you don’t need to distinguish this restored copy from any other copy of the database.

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+1(855)548 3394