How to Resolve QuickBooks Install Error Code 1722?

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How to Resolve QuickBooks Install Error Code 1722?

The QuickBooks accounting software is one of a most sophisticated and impressive tool for financial management and inventory management. It leverages an ability to fix all your business hassles vanish within a few minutes. You must be aware of the fact that QuickBooks software endows numerous features which no other accounting tool can provide.

Let me tell you briefly some of those features below.

  • Create and generate invoices, bills, and pay slips
  • Advanced financial and inventory management system
  • Automate & schedule payments online
  • Track inventory, customers, vendors, and employees
  • Multiple user access through remote

Well, let’s discuss QuickBooks Install Error Code 1722. If you are an existing user of QuickBooks software, it is really essential for you to know the reasons, symptoms, and solution to fix this error message.

Cause of QuickBooks Error 1722

There could be one or more than one reason which can lead to the QuickBooks Install Error Code 1722. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

  • Corrupt download
  • Incomplete installation of QuickBooks software
  • Corrupt Windows
  • Infected Windows system file or QuickBooks related files
  • Due to Virus and malware infection, some QuickBooks file might be deleted from the software

Symptoms of QuickBooks Install Error Code 1722

Common symptoms of QuickBooks Install Error Code 1722 are mentioned below:

  • Frequent Windows crash
  • Crash the active program
  • “QuickBooks Error 1722” will appear on the screen
  • The computer starts running slowly
  • The performance of mouse and keyboard inputs will lag
  • Computer start freezing periodically
  • Generally occurs with Windows start up or shutdown

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Solution of QuickBooks Error 1722

Check out the following method to solve the QuickBooks Error 1722 instantly. Just follow the step by step procedure as given below:

Method 1: Perform clean installation

  • Press Window key & hit “R”
  • Open Run box
  • Type appwiz.cpl & hit “OK”
  • Uninstall QuickBooks version from the list of your item
  • Download QuickBooks software clean install after uninstalling the previous version
  • Run the QuickBooks clean installation tool for windows.

Method 2: Use QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

  • Restart the computer after once the installation has been done
  • Repair framework by following the below procedure:
  • Close all the QuickBooks software running programs
  • Download the QuickBooks component repair tool
  • Once the download is completed, restart your computer
  • Open QuickBooks component repair tool
  • Hit “Select File” button, if you are aware of the location of QuickBooks file
    • In any case, if you don’t know the location of QuickBooks file. Simply, select “Search File”then select the file
  • Scan the selected file by hitting on “Scan File”
  • To review the previously scanned company information, click on the “Company”
  • For customer information, click on “Customer”button
  • For vendor information, click “vendor”button
  • For employees information, click on “Employees”button
  • After all the steps, click the “Repair”A popup will appear on the screen with a “Save As “dialog box, select the version and path
  • Hit the “Start”button
  • For the successful completion of the repair, a message will appear on the display as “repair process completed successfully”
  • Hit the “OK”button & you are all set to go…!!

By following the above steps as it is mentioned you can get rid of the QuickBooks Error 1722. If you are encountering any issues even after perusing the same path which I mentioned, you can contact the QuickBooks Customer Support team.

We hope that we have been able to resolve QuickBooks Problem efficiently and effectively. In case you are having some issues regarding anything, contact QuickBooks Error Code Support at toll-free number.

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