How to print invoices in batch on Sage 50

Sage 50, previously called Peachtree accounting, is an accounting software primarily used by small businesses for managing their finances. Sage 50 software is also capable of performing tasks for large scale industries as well. With Sage 50’s various features you can make payments, manage your inventory, track your vendors and customers from one place.

Batch invoice printing feature on Sage 50

Over time, entering transactions and then printing them one at a time can become an extremely tedious and repetitive task. Sage 50 has introduced a feature that takes care of that problem. You now have the option of printing them individually from the related transaction entry window or printing them in one batch. The objective of this article is to provide you with steps to follow in order to print invoices in a batch. In case you have any questions about Sage 50.

Key to printing forms in a batch

  • The method of printing forms in a batch is to leave the transaction numbers blank. Whether it’s an invoice or a check number, leave it blank when you enter and save each transaction.
  • Sage 50 considers entries without a transaction number as transactions that are unprinted. The logic behind this is that the check or invoice numbers will be assigned when you print them.
  • Go to the ‘Reports & Forms’menu once you are ready to print the transactions that you have entered.
  • Then, select ‘Forms’ and from the following submenu choose the type of form that you would like to print. Purchase orders, quotes, sales orders, proposals, invoices, and checks including payroll checks can all be printed in this way.

In case you face any issues while following the steps mentioned above, please do contact the Sage 50 support. Our team of experts on the Sage 50 technical support team will make sure that your issue is resolved.

The procedure is the same for this and any other type of transaction. For instance, if you use invoice numbers:

  • Pick the specific invoice format you would like to use when the ‘Forms’ window opens.
  • Next, you will need to click on the ‘Preview and Print’
  • Sage 50 will suggest a starting invoice number in the ‘Preview and Print’window that will pop up. You can change it if it’s incorrect.
  • In case you don’t want to print all the unprinted and un-numbered invoices you can apply filters for them.
  • The filters differ a bit from each other depending on the type of transaction you are printing.
  • All of the filers provide a “through” date and a customer/vendor/employee ID range.
  • Invoices and other sale forms can also be filtered by customer type and by delivery method.
  • There are three Delivery Method options, ‘Print’, ‘E-mail’,or ‘Print and e-mail’. This option refers to the Batch Delivery Method option located on the Sales Info tab of the Maintain Customers
  • Sage 50 will print or email each invoice based on the customer’s setting if you choose to print both. You also get the option of printing the previously printed numbered transactions for sales invoices and credit memos.
  • In such an instance the ‘Number the First Invoice’field is replaced with fields for starting and ending invoice numbers.
  • You can filter checks, accounts payable or payroll by cash account.

How to filter all form types:

  • When it comes to ‘all form types’, you will need to click on the ‘Refresh List’option
  • Doing so will show you what transactions will meet your filter criteria and which ones will be selected for printing.
  • If you don’t want to print them, you can uncheck those individual transactions.
  • In this case, you will have to change your filters and refresh the list again.
  • Click the ‘Print/Email’option once you have selected the invoices that you would like to print.
  • Otherwise, you can click on the ‘Print Preview option if you would like to view them onscreen first.
  • Make sure to print the forms from the preview window before you view them.
  • You will lose your selection if you close the preview without printing the forms.
  • If that happens, you will have to start the procedure all over again.

And the procedure is complete!

We hope that this article has helped you in providing the information that is necessary to print invoices in a batch on Sage 50. If even after following all the steps provided above, you seem to be facing issues in executing this function, feel free to contact the toll-free Sage Support Phone Number 1855-548-3394 Our tech support team will make sure that any of your queries and problems that you have been dealt with and taken care of.