How to fix Sage Pay Error 5080

Sage Pay Error 5080 is one of the most common errors faced by the user where usually get an error while registering the form transaction. Typically, an error message indicates the extent of the failure of the above problem.

Users must know the actual causes behind the Sage Pay Error 5080 and ways to troubleshoot the above problem so that to work efficiently.

Causes of SagePay Error 5080

Due to one of the following reasons, users might face the above problems, and these are as follows:

  1. Encrypted Password: When the users try to enter the encrypted password, and they miswrote it, then chances of this error become much more prominent. Maybe the crypt strings which users come where wrongly framed.
  1. Form Transaction Registration: Another way that this error might pop out is when users attempt to register the form transaction. It occurs when users who subscribed with Sage Pay use several methods to register with the form transaction and probability of this error becomes much more.
  1. Other technical errors: Some of the technical errors while working in the Sage Pay may also be the reason for this error coming.

Effects of Sage Pay Error 5080

It is evident that users having the above problems will have to face the consequences. So, users will be most likely to get the below outcomes which may affect their work process. These are as follows:

  1. Registration: Without form transaction registration, further proceedings will not be possible which may result in stopping of the work for a while.
  1. System lag: Due to technical issues, users may face several problems including system lagging which decrease the performance of the system as well as software.

How to fix the problem of Sage Pay Error 5080?

The following are the solutions which users should abide to fix the error problems. These are as follows:

  1. Check Encrypted Password: Users should follow the below steps for setting the issue of the encrypted password. These are as follows:
  2. Encryption password typed by the users should be correct. If the encryption password is incorrect, then the crypt string will be wrong causing the above problem.
  3. Users can acquire the encryption password with simple logging into the admin panel of SagePay. Make sure to log in as an administrative user. If it is correct, then users must check the encryption process and the proper method to ensure the effective functioning of Sage Pay requirements.

Note: Make sure to use a different encrypted password for both TEST and LIVE. Similar encrypted password will result in the same error.

  1. For the Form Transaction Registration: Users need to follow these steps which are as follows:
  2. Users’ first need to sign in to SagePay account and then choose the transactions tab. There, they should move the Invalid subscreen from the given options.
  3. The invalid transactions displayed in the following section with a clarification and will ask for the additional error code.
  • The transactions brought into the context on the window screen, which indicates an error used encryption.

Users must try to follow these simple steps to fix the error code effectively. For any other doubts, they must contact the Sage Error Helpline number +1855-548-3394.