How To Combine Multiple QuickBooks Files For Reporting

How To Combine Multiple QuickBooks Files For Reporting

You’re a CEO. you wish to grasp the solution to an easy money question, e.g. last month’s revenue. However, if your company is of good size, it’s probable that your accounting team uses multiple QuickBooks company files to record your knowledge. this might be for many reasons:

Your company has many legal entities, maybe through acquisitions, and you maintain separate books for every legal entity.

Your company is giant enough that you just would exceed the dealings limits during a single QuickBooks file.
Your accounting team did a historical migration or amendment of processes, and currently uses a replacement file.
Any of those would lead to having multiple QuickBooks files – that is that the case for regarding 1/2 InsightSquared’s customers.

Here’s the problem: if you’ve got multiple QuickBooks files, you can not use QuickBooks to urge consolidated news across all of them. you furthermore may cannot merge them via QuickBooks.

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Here area unit three doable solutions.

1. Upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise Edition
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Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions is that the highest edition in Intuit’s product suite. evaluation starts at $999 with +$575 per further user. directly that’s one disadvantage of this strategy: it’s over 4x the value of Quickbooks professional.

QuickBooks Enterprise will solely mix knowledge to provide the subsequent reports:

Balance Sheet normal
Balance Sheet outline
P&L normal
Statement of money Flows
Trial Balance
P&L by category

Here’s the problem: what if you wish to try to to alternative styles of money analysis on the combined company data? as an example, what if you wish to grasp that customers area unit late in paying you (Accounts Receivable) across all components of your company?

Upgrading to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions solely gets you a really restricted set of cross-entity news. If you wish strong news, compass recommends you progress on to resolution #2 below…

2. Export to stand out
Most compass customers, until now, can need to try this choice.

Export the information from a corporation file into a worksheet in Microsoft stand out.
Repeat #1 for every company file. compass recommends you place every company file into a separate sheet.
Then, mix the worksheets into one consolidated worksheet and run analysis on it. we have a tendency to suggest that you just have an additional index column indicating the supply company file for later troubleshooting just in case the merge doesn’t happen utterly.
Of course, this approach features a large indefinite amount of problems:

You are manually collection and manipulating the info, that creates the prospect of an individual’s error.
Excel has row limits. looking on what you’re mercantilism (all transactions?) you’ll hit these limits after you assemble across all entities. notwithstanding you don’t hit the row limits you’ll hit your computer’s memory limits.
Manually refreshing knowledge is cumbersome. whenever you wish to appear at company financials you wish to trouble your bourgeois to export and re-assemble the info. so you’ll be able to either suffer recent knowledge, or waste plenty of your time on manual refreshes.

Where’s the insight? This export method can generate plenty of knowledge, however terribly information. You then got to assemble it, do the addition and subtractions, do the date vary calculations, etc. Even then, you’ll not have really perceptive reports that assist you run your business higher.

All of the higher than reasons area unit true of news generally. stand out sensible|is sweet|is nice} for ad-hoc analysis however isn’t good at in progress news.

If you wish consistent, reliable, in progress news of monetary knowledge across multiple entities, compass recommends #3 below…

3. mix in associate degree Analytics Application
In 2011-2012 compass launched its Marketplace for 3rd-party code. Apps during this marketplace will (with your authorization) do things along with your sync’d money knowledge.

In a Marketplace look for “combine company files,” there’s one application which will mix many files into one. However, it solely provides combined P&L and record reports. this is often cheaper than shopping for QB Enterprise Solutions however even additional restricted — you don’t get combined knowledge for the other money news you would possibly would like.

Another approach is to use associate degree analytics platform like InsightSquared which will scan multiple company files once collection money analysis.

InsightSquared is reading knowledge from 5 synchronic company files and mixing their knowledge as if they were one company. This happens mechanically. this suggests that, as an example, after you see analysis of your assets over time, it’s whole-company analysis as a result of it includes all of your data:

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