How to Attach a Sales Rep Commission in QuickBooks?

How to Attach a Sales Rep Commission in QuickBooks?

When your sales representatives earn commission from a sale, you can add the value of the commission on top of their regular pay. Whether your sales representatives are independent contractors or employees, you can configure QuickBooks to pay them appropriately. Once the commission has been entered into QuickBooks, you can write a check or process payroll to render payments. Independent contractors should be added to your sales forms to provide better tracking. For employees, add a commission payroll item on the employee record.

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How to Set Up Commission to Outside Reps as an Item in Quickbooks?

Sometimes you may need to provide commission to a sales representative who is outside of your organization. These commissions are an expense for your business and are treated as a purchase rather than a payment. You can set up a commission to an outside representative by generating a new expense on the initial sale.

What is the best way to track sales commissions in QuickBooks?

This is a challenge that many businesses face when handling payout for their sales teams.

Currently, QuickBooks does not offer any complete solution for calculating and tracking commissions. Of course, there are many workarounds that allow you to process these numbers — to an extent.

Here’s a common scenario many businesses face: how to track sales commissions on specific items, excluding any associated tax or shipping fees on an invoice. In order to calculate this payout, one would need to create a class within QuickBooks, then a subclass for every sales rep, manually calculate commissions for every item based on each person, and finally create a commission report.

Sounds tedious, right?

This is the reality of running commissions. In many cases, businesses are manually calculating with pen and paper or tracking numbers on spreadsheets in order to complete payout for their sales teams.

Is there a solution to make the process easier?

Given the multi-faceted nature of commissions, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ commission tracker does not exist. However, it is possible to condense endless spreadsheets, workarounds in QuickBooks, and time spent with your desktop calculator into one simple click.

How does this work?

With Method:CRM, you can create a fully customized commission tracker designed to manage your specific sales needs. This customization process can be performed on your own or by Method’s customization services team, depending on the complexity of your commission structure.

What does the commission tracker look like?

The commission tracker app will be unique for every business, depending on your design preferences and end goals. You can include date ranges for running commissions, use a search function to check commission amounts by customer invoice, generate reports specifically for sales reps, and incorporate any other functions that are required.

Additionally, Method:CRM integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and pulls any necessary sales or customer information into the system to help make the commission calculation process easier.

Learn how creating a customized sales commission tracker can save hours for your business.

How do I get started?

First, make sure you’ve integrated your QuickBooks sales data with Method:CRM. If you don’t have an account, you can start a free 30-day trial. During your trial, check out Method’s other sales features, which includes lead and opportunity management, customer management for your sales reps, and custom reporting.

Once you’ve synced your QuickBooks account with Method:CRM, chat with our customization team and share what you are looking for in a sales commission tracker.

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How to Set Up Commission to Outside Reps as an Item in Quickbooks?

Many companies supplement their own in-house sales staff with independent contractors or rely totally on freelance representatives to sell goods and services on their behalf. To record commission payments for outside sales representatives in QuickBooks business accounting software, set up each sales rep as a vendor with 1099 tax status and then add each one to your rep list. You can then add the rep as an item to each customer invoice or sales receipt to ensure that the commission is recorded and paid correctly.

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