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How quickbooks online aces better than QB desktop sometimes?

Great fit for the businesses that are service based

If you ever make a call on the quickbooks online customer care support number then you will now about tactics to deal with the online version of the QuickBooks. The online version presents the owners of business with convenient option of remote access. Your bookkeeper and you or the accountant that you have at your end can log into the QB account from any of the web browsers. Thus, you have the provision of getting a powerful access to the information while travelling. This service online is one of the greatest fits for businesses that are service-based. The benefits of AB online are as follows.

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If you ever compare the online version with the desktop one then you must know that they differ in key areas like accessibility of data, features and pricing. Currently, the desktop may have more features but features available in the online version are not there in the desktop version.

It is recommended that you place a call on quickbooks online customer care phone number or quickbooks online customer care helpdesk to know about the version in entirety. You will be informed about the ease of its use and ways the data can be accessed at any given time from any device just with a connection of the internet. For some users that are opting for the very first time might save fifty percent on their first sign up.

When can you consider opting for calling the quickbooks online customer care helpline?

If you ever read the quickbooks online customer care reviews then you will know that it is indeed an ideal solution provided you are a business that is based on services. This means your organization does not demand options of inventory or also does not possess complex requirements of invoicing. The QB is considered an extraordinary option for those enterprises that desire accessing from multiple devices and have more people needing access or desiring updates automatically from the cloud.

Here are some of the reasons they must be considered:

Ability to give other users or accountants access from a different location

QB online permits you in setting up of User password and ID for every person that needs data access from whichever location they are in.

Ability of entering transactions by using Mac, PC or mobile devices

You can call quickbooks online customer care for accountants if you face any issue with opening the software. Firstly, this version is a unique one because there is no need for installing it. Therefore, new web browsers can be opened up from mobile devices, Mac or PC and the account can be logged in for accessing the data quickly.

Real-time updates that, are automatic

As changes are made to the data, QB automatically updates; whether one is in QB multiple users or file, changes get updates all in real time. If at all you could benefit from other users having access to the data of yours, then it is time that you opted for the online package without delays.

There are many features that QB online has in contrast to the desktop version

Here are all the features mentioned

Protection and automatic backup online

The Online data of QB is backed up automatically and it is secured by the servers of Intuit. This means one need not worry about protection of data of computer has malfunctions or is stolen, it is never stored on the computer.

Access the data anytime from several platforms

Data from QB online can be easily accessed at any given moment from Mac or your Pc running any operating system, preferably windows. Since all data is stored on cloud, you need a connection of the internet besides a password and user ID.

Free unlimited technical support

With QB online, you can contact the quickbooks online online customer care, register quickbooks online customer care complaints, speak to representatives via quickbooks online customer care chat and also send in your queries on quickbooks online customer care email address. Basically, a quickbooks online customer care toll free number helps you get the technical support at no additional charges. Unlike the desktop version, technological support here is included automatically in the pricing plans.

QuickBooks Latest version and automatically accessing it

With 24 hours quickbooks online customer care and the quickbooks online customer care hours, you can be assured that you get access immediately to the software’s latest version. This means any improvements or new features will not require any upgrade like the products on desktop version require. Instead, you can log into the account for accessing QB Online’s most updated version.

Test driving the company file sample

With QB Online, one gets access to sample company file of QB online that has the data already in it. One can navigate via program and also practice entering the transactions.

Options of tracking multiple inventories

The QB online permits the tracking of inventory using the method of FIFO only. If another method of inventory needs to be used then another version of the software has to be used.

The pricing

By contacting the official quickbooks online customer care number, you shall know that it is a subscription that you have to sign up for a monthly form. The price for which runs between sixty to twenty dollars and it is not one-time cost. At the very first glance, people have often felt that this version is costlier but here latest features will get upgraded without you having to pay anything extra.


After having a work with the quickbooks online customer care team, it is essential that you opt for the plus subscription if an inventory needs to be tracked along with payment to more than 1000 vendors. The QB online is inclusive of user reviews, features and cost that helps one determine as to what is right for them.

Access ease

The best thing about QB online is that one does not have to be any accountant for setting up or using the program. Be it any version the process with the help from quickbooks online customer care for setup team takes anywhere around two hours. It depends on the fact if the data has to be brought over from another system of accounting. You can always opt for quickbooks online customer care accounting support, if you are converting from the desktop version to the online one.

Additionally, to provide basic information of the company, you need answers to few questions regarding how the business will be managed. It is recommended that extra few minutes are spent up front and completed the setup process in-depth.

Deleting the online data and then starting over

You can easily learn about how the online data can be purged and the entire process be started over in QB online. Have you thought about starting over? Then data must be wiped from the file and the later steps can be known from quickbooks online customer care for data recovery.

If the file of your company is thirty days old and more then you must contact quickbooks online customer care for Error Support team or the quickbooks online customer care for bookkeeping who will guide you with enabling the “purge feature”.

Thus, any data further on can be purged in file. It only takes two to one working day to enable purge and accordingly the activities must be planned.

Warning: the quickbooks online customer care desktop and the general qb online customer care team will let you know that in the process any data can get deleted if it has entered in the company. On the deletion of data, it cannot be reversed or restored again.

Things one must know

If an industry that you look forward to use is a different one other than the one that is showing up then feel free to change it completely. You must mark whether you would desire using a system so that it can create accounts on the basis of the industry type you need or the one that is recommended. Once the selections are completed, select the option of wipe data. When there is complete deletion, you get routed to the home page.

Chat and Phone support

There is quickbooks online customer care for windows available and for this you can always quickbooks online customer care contact. With chat support you can really get best results compared to telephone support. Additionally, online support is free always but the support for desktop is only for thirty days. Post the thirty days period, you may have to go ahead with the purchase of packages for support plan.

Getting started with QB online

There is the option of free trial and that allows you to

Create company file after you have used your own data

Accessing all available features

After a period of thirty days, one can get subscribed by providing the billing information

If you have made your mind to not subscribe, there shall only be read-only access to the data of yours for a period of ninety days after the ending of trial period.

Since the QB online is one product that is based on cloud, you should feel a relief mainly because there is no software that has to be installed. If you do not need it, it can be taken for test drive. Therefore, at the end of it if you are thoroughly impressed then you can choose to get going with it.

The benefits that users are subjected to

There is data access which is better shared with accountants and employees, you also do not have to worry about managing nay local data or software that needs management.

There are also no release updates or upgrades.

The assistance center comprises of quickbooks online customer care sales, quickbooks online customer care for direct deposit, quickbooks online customer service number Canada, quickbooks online customer care billing, quickbooks online customer care for mac, quickbooks online customer care in America and you do not have to pay any
quickbooks online customer care fee for accessing them. The teams are robust.

The app syncing is easier with automatic nightly downloads

Your data is always secure on the Intuit servers and no backups

The statements and invoices can be automatically sent

There are nightly downloads of credit card and the bank transactions

There is first-in first out track inventory

Multiple windows can be kept open simultaneously

iPhone and iPad apps are all free with the automatic syncing

There is an option for receiving payments through electronic Ach payments and also the credit cards.

You shall find three levels of subscription for the QB Online version

Simple start: one user and more than twenty business reports built-in

Track the expenses and income

Send invoices and ultimate expenses and given time

Download the bank transactions as well as the transactions from accounts of credit cards

The data online can be accessed via a smartphone, tablet, Mac and Phone

There is availability of Payroll subscription


There are three users and more than forty reports built-in

Every other function stated away exists in this one except there is an additional feature on this one where users have the provision of controlling what the users under you can have access to.


This one can be used by five users and has more than sixty five reports built-in.

Apart from all functions that Essential and Simple start subscription have, this one has an added edge because it gives the users the provision of purchasing and sending orders.

You can always contact the support teams in case you need any consultation as well s pricing information on Online Subscription that is appropriate for the company.

When to contact the support team online?

It is rather unwise wasting precious time for figuring out as to how the problems can be solved all by themselves. Thus, the most effective step would be calling the customer care executives as tech agents will assist you well. Various kinds of problems can be solved in a jiffy.

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