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QuickBooks GoPayment is a free mobile point of sale app that allows you to take payments on the go. With our Bluetooth enabled mobile card readers you can accept magstripe and EMV chip debit and credit cards, along with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Even without the reader you can use the mobile app to take all payment types – cash, check, or card – to track each sale transaction. Start accepting payments right away with no upfront costs or hidden fees – just pay 2.4% + $0.25 per card transaction.

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Why do I need to charge the reader? The previous one didn’t need charging! Chip transactions take more power than swipe transactions, so the new reader has an internal battery to power chip cards.

How many transactions does the reader power? The reader can process 150 chip transactions and 150 swipes. However, this number may vary depending on connectivity (wifi, 3G, 4G), card brand, etc.

How do I know when the reader is fully charged? The reader’s LED displays an amber light while it’s charging and a green light when it’s fully charged. Charging time can take up to 4 hours.

How often should I charge the reader? We recommend charging your reader at least once a week so you don’t run out of battery in the field. The app lets you know when the reader is about to lose power. If you have an external battery, you can still run transactions while charging the reader.

Go Payments EMV Chip Reader – Order it Through QuickBooks Online

Credit card vendors have incorporated new chip technology into all credit cards. This technology is known as EMV – cards that have a “smart chip” designed into them that encrypts sales data.

This technology is designed to make transactions more secure by making the cards safer to use and more difficult to abuse. Using these cards creates a new user experience in that the cards must be inserted to card readers in order to render payment. Most major credit card companies already have transitioned to this new platform.

QB GoPayment EMV Chip Reader

Given that reality, new card readers are encouraged for accepting payments. Intuit has introduced their versions of EMV card readers. One of these is the GoPayment EMV Card Reader, which is the focus of this article.

Since your customers most likely are using the new EMV chip credit cards, you need to transition to the new EMV card readers. If you’re not already using an EMV card reader, you could find yourself in a position of liability for some costs if you accept a counterfeit or stolen card using the magnetic strip during a payment transaction.

You can order a GoPayment EMV card reader for $30 directly from inside your QuickBooks Online, but if you’re already a GoPayment user, you might qualify for an EMV Chip Reader promotional offer. You can inquire here.

This card reader can be used for both EMV chips and mag strip platforms. The device is certified to work with both Apple and Android technologies. The new reader is designed to work with your current GoPayment App and will fit into your phone just like previous card readers.

The EMV card reader comes with user friendly instructions and a USB cable to be used for charging. The reader itself has an internal battery, due to the fact that the transaction with chip cards takes longer, therefore a battery is required. On a full charge, the reader will make up to 150 transactions, depending upon your cell service availability.

As long as your smartphone or tablet is using iOS 8.0 or Android OS 4.0 or higher, the card reader will work plug and play with your device. As the reader is designed to be used with the current GoPayment App, it will work seamlessly as your payment acceptance platform.

This is yet another innovative product Intuit has developed to make performing your business effortless.

Following are the steps to order a GoPayment EMV chip reader through QuickBooks Online

Call us at Quickbooks Our Toll- Free Number

+1(855)548 3394