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Common QuickBooks Desktop online banking setup and connection errors include: OLSU-1011, OLSU-1013, OLSU-1014, OLSU-1016, OL-202, OL-203, OL-205, OL-206, OL-209, OL-221, OL-231, OL-232 and OL-249. OL-301, OL-332, OL-334, OL-392 and OL-393.

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What are the causes of these errors?

Errors may be caused because of one of the reasons mentioned below:

1. Problem at your bank (sometimes referred to as your financial institution or FI).

  • They may have made alterations to their service offerings, Web Connect or Direct Connect.
  • They may have made changes to their name (bank merger) that need you to refresh it in QuickBooks.
  • You may have an Inactive Bank Account enabled for Online Banking in QuickBooks.
  • Their servers may be down.

2. An issue with your Internet connection.

3. Problem with one or more accounts in your company file.

4. Problem with the download or import format.

5. Discontinued version of Windows or QuickBooks Desktop

Given below is a list of interactive questions that may help you to understand all about this and what all you need to do regarding this.

Are you connected to the Internet at present?

  • No: You need to stay connected to the Internet to download online banking transactions.
  • Yes: Verify your Firewall and Internet security settings then proceed to continue. If you face any doubt, view Configure Firewall and Internet security settings for QuickBooks Desktop for details.

Are you on a connected version of QuickBooks Desktop and Internet Explorer?

  • No: You need to use the presently supported version of QuickBooks and Internet Explorer.
  • Yes: Continue.

Are you on the recent release for QuickBooks Desktop?

  • No: Please make sure QuickBooks Desktop is updated to the recent release.
  • Yes: Continue.

Have you ever conducted a successful download of transactions from your bank to QuickBooks Desktop company file?

  • No: Please contact your bank to verify your account information and that the bank is not experiencing any outages before continuing with troubleshooting the problem.
  • Yes: Continue.

Are you able to sign in to your account outside of QuickBooks Desktop via the website?

  • No: Please contact your bank to verify your account information and that the bank is not experiencing any outages before continuing with troubleshooting your problem.
  • Yes: Review the Bank Feeds log files (Connlog.txt file) to check for connection failure messages and address them with your bank.

Do you receive the same impacts in Classic (Register) view? (applies to the US only)

Classic (Register) mode can be more forgiving in regards to the OFX formatting standards banks are needed to use for statement download or import.

As a test, Switch to Classic (Register) mode and try the import or download again.

Step 1: From the Edit menu, choose Preferences.

Step 2: Press Checking from the left menu then choose the Company Preferences tab.

Step 3: In the Bank Feeds section, click on the Classic Mode (Register Mode) radio button.

Step 4: Select OK.

Yes: Then proceed to troubleshoot.

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