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Passware QuickBooks Key is a fast and easy to use solution to remove password protection from QuickBooks files (.QBW and .QBA).

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The QuickBooks administrator password is required to access any data you have stored in your QuickBooks data files. This protects your business from unauthorized access to your most crucial information. However, the requirement to enter a password will also lock you out from accessing the information if you have lost the password. Intuit, the publisher of Quicken, provides customer support for registered owners of QuickBooks if this occurs

Follow the instructions on the new page. Windows users of QuickBooks, as of July 2010, are directed to fill out an online form, while Mac users are sent directly to technical support for further individual help. Intuit will provide you with either instructions or software to reset the password for your QuickBooks installation, after which you can enter a new password.

Contact Intuit technical support if you cannot complete any of the above steps, or if QuickBooks returns an error during this process

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How to reset the QuickBooks Administrator password

Using the QuickBooks Administrator Password Removal Service

If you forgot your QuickBooks Administrator password for a company file, you can reset it using the QuickBooks Automated Password Removal Service. This is an automated service tool built into the QuickBooks software that will have you perform the following steps:

  • Fill out the QuickBooks Administrator Password Reset form to obtain a Password Reset Code
  • Enter the Password Reset Code to remove the current QuickBooks Administrator password
  • Create a new QuickBooks Administrator password for your company file

Note this article applies to resetting the QuickBooks Administrator password only. If you are not the QuickBooks Administrator but you still need to reset your QuickBooks password, please contact your QuickBooks Administrator for assistance

Before You Begin

Filling out the QuickBooks Administrator Password Reset form requires specific information accurately found in your Intuit Account. Before you begin

QuickBooks 15-digit license number
Full name (first and last) of an authorized contact on the account
Email address of the same authorized contact
Business phone number
Zip code

Please record this information exactly as it appears within the Intuit Account. Even if you think you know all the information above, the contact name listed inside your Intuit Account may have a different email address or the account may have been created with a older phone number or zip code. Due to the precision needed for this process, please log into your Intuit Account to obtain all necessary information before attempting to reset the QuickBooks Administrator password. If you try to use any information not explicitly listed in your Intuit Account, it will be rejected later

Note the Intuit Account is completely unrelated to HarborCloud. If you are unable to access your Intuit Account, then click on the I forgot my user ID or password

How to Reset the QuickBooks Administrator Password

To reset your QuickBooks Administrator password, follow the steps below:

On the QuickBooks Login screen, enter in Admin as the User Name, leave the Password field blank, and click I forgot my password.

If you created a Challenge Question, then you will be prompted to answer your question for a quick and easy QB admin password reset. If you do not remember the answer to your Challenge Question, then click I forgot my answer.

You will be greeted by the Reset QuickBooks Administrator Password form, which asks for the pieces of information referenced earlier. Fill out the form with all the information exactly as it appears in your Intuit Account and click OK.

You will then be prompted for a Password Reset Code. This will be sent to you from with the email subject, QuickBooks Automated Password Removal Service. Enter the Password Reset Code from that email and click OK.

Follow the instructions thereafter to create a new QuickBooks Administrator password as well as set up a new Challenge Question.

Contact Intuit Support to Further Troubleshoot

The QuickBooks Automated Password Removal Service is not always successful in resetting the QuickBooks Administrator password. If your Intuit Account information or Password Reset Code is rejected or you otherwise encounter odd errors, then please restart QuickBooks completely and try filling out the form again. If you are still unable to reset your QuickBooks Administrator password even after restarting QuickBooks, you will need to contact Intuit Support for further assistance.

Note that HarborCloud has no control over or ability to alter any QuickBooks users’ credentials or permissions. Please do not contact HarborCloud to reset the QuickBooks Administrator password, as we are powerless to do so. Instead, call Intuit Support using the number below:

Intuit Support Phone Number

Intuit Support will usually ask for information from your Intuit Account before offering assistance. Be sure to have your QuickBooks 15-digit license number as well as the rest of the contact information from your Intuit Account ready before calling Intuit Support.

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