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QuickBooks is very famous for the kind of incredible services it provides. As an accounting software, it surpasses all others ad gives all the requirements to the users who use it for their medium and small business. This software is made use of by millions of people across the world. But some of these errors have the ability to build awful problems for you. This error code is one such error type. Our Accounting Errors help team is here to bring you the best possible solution for the aforementioned error on your Windows PC.

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QuickBooks Support Phone Number For Error Code 1016

QuickBooks origin is what sets QuickBooks Error Code 1016 apart from the rest of the errors. It is an OL and OLSU Bank Form related error that takes place most of the times when you try to access the form.

What makes QuickBooks Error 1016?

There are many reasons that act as the cause for such an error on your Computer.

1. At times the error happens due to some problem with your Bank, which at times is referred to as your financial institution.

*They could have altered their services offerings, Web Connect or Direct Connect.
*The name of the bank could’ve been changed due to the bank merger. It requires you to refresh QuickBooks.
*The account turned on to be used for Online Banking could be inactive.
*The servers of the bank aren’t reachable.

2. Issue with the internet connection.

3. Error in the accounts registered in the company file.

4. Corrupt download/import format.

5. Using an obsolete version of either Windows OS or QuickBooks Desktop.

Fixing QuickBooks Error 1016:

When you follow the steps given below, you are sure to resolve most of your problems.


Try to turn on TLS1.2 Protocol on your Internet Explorer.

Step 1: Visit the Internet Explorer and make sure that it is updated to the latest version.
Step 2: There will be a Gear Icon in the upper-right section of Internet Explorer. Tap on it.
Step 3: Run Internet Options and then tap on Advanced Tab.
Step 4: Go to the Security option on the list.
Step 5: You will see two options there: USE TLS 1.0 (uncheck it) and USE TLS 1.2 (check it).
Step 6: Choose Apply and hit OK
Step 7: Close any program that is running, and restart the computer.
Step 8: The error is over.

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We hope that you have been able to resolve QuickBooks problem. If you haven’t been able to do so, Feel free to reach at QuickBooks error support number +1(855)548 3394. We are always here for for technical assistance.