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It takes a bit of QuickBooks Upgrade Support to upgrade the old version of this software to a new one. However, upgrading calls for some prerequisites and other mandatory notes to follow. Before you ever plan to upgrade, make sure that you have installed the new version of desktop QuickBooks software. It is only after that, you will be able to upgrade the company file to work with the latest version.

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Mandatory Points to Chalk Out:

Only an Admin has the right to update QuickBooks company file. In case, you are the only user, then you will hold the post of an administrator. Other than that, you have to sign into Admin user to follow the below-mentioned steps.below-mentioned an administrator and still trying to update company file, then you will be asked to contact your QuickBooks administrator for updating file. It means you have to switch to the Admin user and try the steps again.

It is always advisable to not upgrade file while stored on a mapped device or network. This might make conversion unstable. The file, on the other hand, can be on the verge of being damaged. Instead, it is recommended to save the file locally on the computer, where you are accessing the software.

After you have upgraded the older QuickBooks computer files to the new version, the older versions won’t be able to open it in future. The QuickBooks desktop backs up data file automatically before upgrading it. This is a basic safety procedure, in case you want to revert to older versions. If needed then you have the right to restore the backup with old QuickBooks version. In case, the conversion procedure is interrupted due to any cause, then you can restore the backup with the new version and restart the upgrading procedure.

Remember that only enterprise company files can be converted into QuickBooks enterprise editions. You can easily convert or upgrade file from Premier or Pro to Enterprise. After the conversion is over, the file cannot be opened in Premier or Pro versions.

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Tricks for Smoother Upgrade:

There are certain points to consider before procuring QuickBooks Upgrade Support, just to make this upgrading procedure a bit smoother to a newer version.

  • Ensure to verify and rebuild the data file.
  • In case, verification fails, then you can use Qbwin.log file for locating and resolving the error messages.
  • Once the upgrade is over, make sure that the converted file is running properly in Verify Data Utility. In case it fails, then repeat the above-mentioned step again.

Follow the Upgrading Steps:

For the ultimate help under QuickBooks Upgrade Support, make sure to follow the steps mentioned below. It won’t be long when you can work on upgrading services on your own without any help.

  1. Primarily, launch a new version of QuickBooks
  2. There, choose the term “file” and then click on “restore or open company” tab
  3. Here, click on “open a company file”, followed by a next tab
  4. Browse through the available options and click “open” in the selected sector. Sometimes a separate tab might evolve which states “Move company file.” If it does, then follow the mentioned steps properly.
  5. Go through the info in the “update company file for latest version” segment. After reading the points, click on the checkbox to verify. After that, click on “update now” button.
  6. Next, follow the instructions, which states steps on ways to back up your file.
  7. You will come across a message, which states that you are likely to open a company file with a new QuickBooks version. The software will ask if you want to do it or not. Click on the “Yes” button.

After Upgrading the File:

It is recommended to follow some necessary points after upgrading the file. You are asked to store the backup in safe location for future use if needed. In case, you have copied the data file from another host device, then re-copy it. If you fail to find the data file in the original folder where you saved it, then search the hard drive as .qbw files. Include all the hidden folders and files in your search. In case you have QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, then verify the service by signing into your registered account. Following these steps will work wonder under QuickBooks Upgrade Technical Support Services.

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