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Just like any business venture, you would like to be able to track the financial success (and failures) of your rental properties with an honest register. Keeping smart records of your financials can assist you secure funds if you ever value more highly to purchase further properties as banks can wish to envision records of your reserve funds and profits from your current investments.

You will conjointly ought to keep wonderful records of your accounts for tax functions and if you ever bear a true estate audit.

There ar a number of ways in which rental managers value more highly to keep track of the accounting aspect of their properties: spreadsheets, QuickBooks, and property management package.

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Some investors have confidence spreadsheets or a pen and paper methodology for rental property accounting. this technique is ok if you have got one or two properties.

Spreadsheets on programs like surpass, provides a property owner some way to trace and auto-calculate totals from every outlay class to supply you together with your gross financial gain, net income, and total expenses for the year.

Here is AN example of a free income and Expense Worksheet from Zillow.

This programme from Zillow is meant for one to five properties, however as AN assets portfolio grows, you may ought to realize AN accounting resolution that gets easier, to accommodate the magnified responsibilities that accompany a lot of units. trendy bookkeeping-systems change a majority of the duty duties of a busy rental manager.


QuickBooks is usually at the highest of any professional’s mind once they have faith in accounting package for his or her business.

QuickBooks will be used for managing your rental transactions by fitting properties as customers, tenants as sub-customers, and categories to trace dealing varieties. The tenant sub client can show all rent invoices, associated payments, and current balance.

QuickBooks conjointly provides solutions for property managers, WHO typically have a lot of accounting necessities relating to paying homeowners and trust accounting. QuickBooks offers the subsequent clarification for rental property accounting on their website: “QuickBooks Desktop permits you to line up a corporation file that permits you to run your property management business and do tasks like receiving and chase rent from tenants, paying property homeowners and management firms, fees and overhead charges for property maintenance.”

Despite being the leading accounting resolution for little businesses, QuickBooks has its limitations for managing rentals. Property management package offers AN trade specific register with the powerful reportage options of QuickBooks however it’s already started with classes and ledgers for rental management.

Quickbooks is nice for general accounting, however it’s missing all the tools that may really cause you to stand out because the best property manager. conjointly with package designed specific to your trade, you may get trade specific tools sort of a tenant portal for your tenants to login to and create maintenance requests and pay their rent, AN owner portal for homeowners to review their property performance, and constitutional tenant screening thus you’ll screen your tenants right at intervals an equivalent application.


Often times, the distinction between a positive expertise and a negative one is lack of information concerning the resources that may create property management easier.

The problems knowledgeable about by several property managers and landlords will be solved with improved organization and on-line tools that facilitate contour business tasks related to managing rentals.

Property management package offers a rental manager or property owner all the tools you would like to run a in business.


Full general ledger accounting for properties, tenants, and owners. you have got the facility to review, edit and print ledgers for each property, tenant, owner, and checking account accustomed manage your properties. ancient accounting systems aren’t designed for property management and need double or perhaps triple entry of transactions to keep up correct and auditable records. With Rentec Direct, this double or triple entry is mechanically handled, saving you time and eliminating error.
The ability to simply accept on-line rent payments via eCheck(ACH) or mastercard from your tenants.
Property managers pays homeowners electronically via ACH. With 2 straightforward clicks within the system you’ll quickly establish the distribution quantity because of AN owner and electronically transfer the funds from your account to theirs. No checks to print, stamps to lick, or envelopes to stuff. The owner gets AN electronic deposit into their bank account a number of days later.
Trust account certified package that complies together with your state’s assets board.
Built-in 1099-MISC e-filing system.
A comprehensive set of monetary reports and helpful reports is enclosed. With specialised reports for property portfolios and homeowners offer you the foremost relevant knowledge quickly and simply for your shoppers. All reports will be emailed, printed, or exported to PDF or surpass. all of your knowledge can even be synchronous with Quickbooks to supply a well-recognized format to CPAs and bookkeepers.
A mobile system that may be accessible on the go. Imagine traveling and one amongst your homeowners requests a report. you’ll log into your property management package from any web connected device to access a report back to offer your owner. Or provide your owner access to their own portal for them to look at their own reports.


When choosing AN accounting resolution for your rental desires, the foremost necessary half is to decide on a system that works for you.

How to started QuickBooks for a Property Rental?

Your property rental business most likely processes plenty of transactions; between incoming rent payments, repair and maintenance expenses and utilities you’ll be feeling a touch overcome if you do not have accounting package. QuickBooks by dig offers an easy resolution. The setup interview can guide you virtually utterly through the setup method. Once you have got completed the interview, you’ll add specialised sub-accounts to trace your overall business activities and also the financial gain and expenses for every property or unit you own.

Open QuickBooks. select “Create a replacement company.” bear the EasyStep Interview to line up your business.

Enter your business name and make contact with data. select “Property Management or Home Association” from the “Industry” list. select your entity sort and financial year. Save your company file.

Continue the interview process; select the right possibility for your business for every of succeeding choices. queries ar associated with the categories of invoices and request your business engages in. you’ll modification any possibility once the interview if you choose you would like to use new ways at a later date.

Set up your financial gain and expense accounts. QuickBooks mechanically chooses accounts associated with your chosen commercial activity, however this section permits for more customization. you’ll wish to feature accounts like Advertising and Promotion, Business Licenses and Permits, Janitorial and Miscellaneous expenses, Property Taxes and financial gain from the Sale of Assets.

Finish the interview and start mistreatment QuickBooks. As you enter expenses and financial gain, produce sub accounts for every property you own. Click the “Lists” menu and select “Chart of Accounts.” Click “Account,” “New.” Fill within the circle next to financial gain or Expense, sort AN account name like the property address and unit and place a mark next to the box that claims “Subaccount of.” select the acceptable account.

To put it mildly: managing the income of your rental property will be tough, particularly once it involves maintaining expense payments, lease payments, and different monetary transactions.

If you’re still mistreatment spreadsheets and a paper and pencil primarily based approach to keep up your monetary accounts associated with your little business rental property, then you’re a lot of doubtless to face monetary bottlenecks.

In this article, we’ll examine however you’ll avoid these bottlenecks by automating your little rental property business with accounting package supported a comparison of 2 well-liked applications, Wave and QuickBooks, for rental property management.

Why ought to your little rental property business use AN accounting tool?

According to a survey by Buildium, 2017 Property homeowners views, sixty one p.c of rental property businesses respondents read property maintenance as their prime pain purpose (view chart below). The report conjointly highlights monetary challenges two-faced by the rental property business:

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Property maintenance – sixty one p.c
Taxes and insurance – fifteen p.c
Setting and assembling rent – fifteen p.c
Pricing rents competitively – ten p.c
Accounting – seven p.c

All these monetary challenges, together with maintenance management, play a key role within the expense, invoice, ledger, and income management of rental property. However, keeping track of those challenges as scribbling some numbers in a very notebook.

Accounting package helps manage the core monetary aspects of your business a number of that include:

General ledger
Accounts owed
Accounts collectible

Wave and QuickBooks will facilitate change and contour your little rental property business. The sections below provided a side-by-side comparison of a number of the key options the package and the way they pile up against your key accounting business challenges.

Importance of finding the correct accounting resolution for your little rental property business

To find the “right” accounting resolution for your rental property, you would like to be clear concerning the business challenges that the answer can assist you address by asking yourself:

What specific monetary transactions does one wish the accounting resolution to assist manage your little business rental property? Is it simply rent management, expenses management, or the other finance-related transactions?
Do you wish AN accounting resolution with overall options to manage your monetary dealing or simply niche options associated with income management, invoice management, tax management, etc.?
Are you trying to find package that gives in-depth accounts reports with business intelligence dashboard and analytics?
Some of the core options of accounting solutions for rental properties include:

Features Description
Accounts management Helps to manage accounts collectible and owed payments by recording transactions in a very info of what quantity you third-party vendors and contrariwise.
Invoice management Stores, tracks, and helps to get invoices supported predefined templates that ar sent to third-party shoppers.
Cash flow management Manage bills from vendors and pays them before the date by programing revenant bill payments.
Accounting reports management Helps generate and export elaborate custom-made monetary reports associated with expense management, record, and accounts statements.
Expense management Keeps a track of expenses that your rental property incurred through utility bills and property maintenance.
All these options mentioned higher than type a core a part of Wave and QuickBooks accounts management. Here’s a quick lowdown on however the options compare from one tool to the other:

Accounts management

Wave helps you to modify accounts payment cycle associated with accounts collectible and owed.

In assets, the package is custom-made to assist you receive rent payments from your tenants to manage the gathering of rent payment from varied properties, together with chase payments created by your tenants over a amount and programing reminders for payments.

Accounts collectible helps to contour the method of giving payments to third-party vendors so you do not miss any unfinished payments associated with your property expenses with late fee payments.

QuickBooks helps you produce customizable rent receipts so it’s easier for your tenants or third-party vendors to simply establish the overall quantity of payment due. The package helps you record advance rent payments, further as late rent payments.

Invoice management

You can produce, maintain, and send invoices to your shoppers through specialised invoice management. Wave keeps you updated on your invoice management by belongings you send or receive invoices from your business partners through AN iOS or humanoid mobile devices. The package mechanically synchronizes all invoicing and payment data together with your Wave account.

QuickBooks helps you generate custom-made invoices supported your complete by modifying one amongst QuickBooks invoice guide so you’ll utilise it to send invoices to multiple shoppers.

You can conjointly produce new invoice style from scratch by customizing the sector entries of the invoice guide along side your company’s stigmatization.

Cash flow management

Wave helps you contour payments from tenants and vendors by programing automatic mastercard request as compared to chase payments through telephone call and emails.

In case you do not wish the automated request feature to manage income, then you’ll switch between automatic and manual request. once the automated request feature is turned off, invoices ar directly sent to your email box and once it’s on, your tenants receive the invoice along side AN email receipt to you.

Quickbooks mechanically tracks payment owed, along side the quantity, and date through a secured programing payment portal. The package conjointly shows reports that indicated WHO owes you cash per month.

Accounts Reports management

It provides a veronica read of your accounts by generating elaborate reports of credit and debit transactions, the allow a month, quarter, or year, and financial gain versus expense payments associated with managing the rent and lease of your property.

All these reports will be viewed in interactive dashboard in bar or pie charts that gives a rapid break-up and comparison of financial gain versus expense or different accounting parameters.

QuickBooks for rental property highlights the key performance indicators associated with your little business rental property like profit and loss, record, financial gain and expenses, and unpaid invoices.

The tool’s dashboard provides a close report of all accounts connected data relating to your rental property that may be custom-made supported the rent, lease, and expense payments. you’ll transfer accounts reports of your assets business supported specific amount like month-on-month or yearly.

Expense Management

Wave provides a whole image of the expenses that your little business assets by providing an summary of the debit history of all the expenses associated with rental property management.

The solution conjointly provides a comparative dashboard to check expenses with financial gain so you’ll keep a check on your business expenditure.

QuickBooks offers a trained down approach to your accounts management to target expenses supported daily expenditure through it expense management tab. The tool’s iOS and humanoid apps assist you enter and manage expenses of your rental property, which might be viewed on your desktop, or itinerant.

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