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QuickBooks is one such platform, which can offer you with the best accounting help. It takes a lot of research from experts before proceeding further. If you want, you can import IIF files following simple steps. For that, you can get along with QuickBooks Import Support for help. In this support sector, you will get to learn more about the import ways and other pre-requisites to follow.

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Lists You Get The Chance To Import:

You are not allowed to every IIF files available over the internet. There are certain major ones, which you are able to import. So, before starting the importing option, you have to check out on the files to be imported.

  • Customer: job
  • Vendor
  • Chart of accounts
  • Other names list
  • Employee
  • Customer type
  • Class
  • Vendor
  • Job type
  • Payment terms
  • Item
  • Payment methods
  • Shipping methods
  • Budgets
  • Customer message
  • Sales rep
  • Price level
  • Sales tax codes
  • To do notes

Now For The Transactions:

Once you are through the import of lists with help from experts, you are asked to get along with QuickBooks Import Support team to learn more about the transactions you can import. It is important to be aware of the facts first before it gets too late.

  • Vendor bills
  • Account beginning balance
  • Refunds of vendor bills
  • Cash sales to customers
  • Credit card refunds
  • Cash refunds to customers
  • Checks
  • Transactions of credit cards
  • Credit memos to customers
  • Estimates
  • Deposits
  • Journal entries under general group
  • Invoices
  • Purchase orders
  • Customer payments
  • Account transfer of the funds

Before Starting The Transactions:

There are certain reminders to follow before importing transactions. That will help the service clearer than the rest and can present you with thoughtful help. You can ask experts from QuickBooks Import Support center for some help in this segment.

It is impossible for you to undo any import. Therefore, it is requested to back up the files of the company before proceeding with the steps. Moreover, you have to set up items, accounts, sales tax items, and names before working on this transaction. This can be done by entering data directly to QuickBooks. Or you can just add the code to IIF file for importing data on your behalf.

If you fail to setup data then the transaction import might set up some data and it will be unusable or wrong. This scenario can be well ended by following the situations.

  • You can set the A/R account as bank account type and cannot change it to A/R account.
  • Sales tax items and sales items are set as service items and cannot be changed to other options.
  • Customer name is likely to be set as other name and cannot be used on an invoice.

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Some Limitations To Follow:

Before you can start working on the import services from QuickBooks Import Support, it is mandatory to check along with the limitations first. For that, log online and get along with the best result now. Intuit will not assist you in technical support for importing IIF files. There are certainly other resources available for procuring help. If the file has been created by the third-party application, then you can contact their technical team for help. You can even refer to documentation as available with import kit or just search for the QuickBooks Import Support team for help.

Imported files are not likely to create links between transactions. While importing invoice or payments for invoice, these are not linked after import. You must link them in a pair in receive payments window or in the pay bills window. For any help on import solution for linking transactions, you can refer to Intuit Marketplace for help and get along with third-party developers.

It is important for you to be single mode user for importing data. Only the administrator has the right to import data. Furthermore, you have every right to import transactions but cannot get the same to export. For understanding more about the amount of imported data, you can refer to a maximum number of transactions and list items from QuickBooks.

You are not allowed to import price levels set on per item basis. However, you can easily import price levels on a percentage basis. You are not allowed to import into Canadian QuickBooks version. Other than that, while trying to import assembly items, you are not allowed to import data in the custom field of the item. You are not allowed to enter numbers leading with zero in Excel while creating IIF import file. However, you can easily work around. Just try to change the format to “custom” and end up putting a non-numeric character in front of a number. This might work with little help from QuickBooks Import Support team.

Steps For Importing Files In QuickBooks:

There are simple and effective steps used for importing files in QuickBooks. For extra help consider joining hands with teams from QuickBooks Import Support for help.

  • For the prime step, you have to sign in to the data file as Admin. As already mentioned, only an administrator is allowed to import and export files in QuickBooks.
  • After that, you have to switch to the Single user mode.
  • Here, you have to click on the “file” menu. After that, choose “utilities”, and finally select the “import” option. After that, click on the term, which states “IIF files.”
  • Now, you have to browse the location of the IIF file and highlight that particular file you are willing to import.
  • After that click on the “open” button
  • QuickBooks is going to pop a message, which will confirm that your data has been well imported.
  • After that, click on the “ok” message.

If you want to know more about any other steps, then log online for help. You can always choose experts from QuickBooks Import Support for impressive help.

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