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If you suspect data issues with your company file, the steps in this article can help you resolve minor data problems.

Go to the File menu, then select Utilities and Rebuild Data.
On the QuickBooks Information window, select OK. Follow the prompts to save a backup. (Note: Your computer may display QuickBooks is not responding. However, as long as you can see your mouse cursor move, Rebuild is still ongoing. Wait for it to complete.

Select OK when you see Rebuild has completed.

Run the Verify Data utility

The next thing to do is run the verify data utility:

Go to the File menu, then select Utilities and Verify Data.

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  • For the first step, you have to navigate to the employee menu. From the home screen, click on the “employees” tab available in the sidebar menu.
  • Now you have to navigate to the payroll module. On the main page of the employee, you can click on the option, which said: “get started with payroll.” It is located just on the right side of the screen.
  • Next, you need to enter the payroll setup information. For that, you have to click on the payroll module and start by answering some questions to tell QuickBooks your payroll needs. If you are not quite sure about the question to ask, click on “blue links” on page or “question mark” located at the top corner of the page.
  • The first question you have to answer is if you have paid W2 employees that year. Click on the radio button at the side of the answer and click the “continue” option. For the next question, you have to answer is you have W4 forms filled by employees. In case, you don’t have W4, then you have a link to form available to print out and give to employees. After that, click on the radio button which states that you have completed W4 forms from employees and click on “continue” button, right at the bottom right side of the screen for the next steps.

Going for the next step:

After you are through with the basic point, there are some other steps for you to consider. Follow the points as mentioned and you won’t miss out on an option.

  • It is time to add our employees. For that, you have to click on “Add employee” option on the left side of the screen.
  • Now, it is time to enter the withholdings of your employee. For that, you have to add an employee to payroll. For that, enter the first name of an employee, M.I and the last name into proper text boxes.
  • After that, you have to enter the W4 form for entering the tax withholding information of the employee. It is time for you to enter the address of employee’s, marital status and SSN on W4 screen. You have to refer the employee’s W4 form for retrieving tax withholding based information. It is time to fill text boxes as per the needs and click on the “done” button, right at the bottom of the right corner when done.
  • Now, it is time for entering the pay schedule. Make sure to learn how often you pay your employees. For finding the answer, click on “enter pay schedule” option beneath this question. For entering the pay schedule of your employee, you have to choose the pay interval right from the drop-down menu. You can choose the option “every week” for example, if you pay your employee weekly.
  • QuickBooks is likely to show you the results of your upcoming pay time and paydays. These are based on the dates you have entered while answering the questions. You are even asked to use the same schedule for the employees you are willing to add later by clicking on Box at the bottom of the screen.

Note: If you are working with a support agent, go to the Tech Help window (press F2, then F3 on your keyboard). Go to the Open File tab, highlight the log file, then select Send log files to Intuit support. This will send the file to a repository that will enable the support agent to view your log files.

Windows: Search (press Ctrl+F on your keyboard) for Begin Verify, then locate the most recent file (logs are in date order with the latest at the bottom).

Scroll all the way to the bottom for the most recent Verify information

A note on re-sorting Chart of Accounts and Item List

Re-sort master names list
Re-sort lists in QuickBooks for Windows

Re-sort can be performed by any QuickBooks user. You also need to close and re-open your company file after re-sorting a specific list.

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