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Sometimes, you have to transport your QuickBooks data from the desktop to online for multi-usability. You can sometimes procure the help of QuickBooks Data Migration Support for migrating data for Windows. For that, following step by step guidance is all that you need. In case, you possess an older version of QuickBooks or any backup file from 2015 or before that, you are always welcome to download any updated trial.

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Points Before Starting The Migration:

Before you even hope for QuickBooks Data Migration Support, there are certain points to consider first. Remember that you have the right to import desktop QuickBooks within the 60 days of starts date of QuickBooks online company. Even the desktop file will replace the entire online file and overwrite existing information.

You have to hold the post of an administrator user in the online account and existing Desktop QuickBooks file. Also, your file needs to be under 350,000 targets. You might have to trim it down following certain steps, if necessary. In case, you are above the said limit, then you will be given the option to import balances or lists.

In case, you suffer from errors while migrating your file, then you have to check out the steps mentioned for this section. You should have an understanding of the key differences along with unsupported features before you start the migration procedure.

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After You Are Through With The Points:

Once you are aware of the pre-moving points, it is time to start with the migration procedure. You are migrating from Desktop to QuickBooks online for Windows.

  1. Start by opening the QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. There, you have to click on the tab, which says “Company.” From there select the term “export company file online.” in case, you fail to get to this option, then start following the steps mentioned below:

Click on the help button. There, go for the “update QuickBooks” option. Select the available updates in “update now” tab. After that, click on “get updates”. When the features are selected, click “close”. After that, click on the tab “file” and finally on “exit.” After going through these procedures, you should start the QuickBooks again and finish the migrating procedures. These updates are designed to take more than 15 minutes to install. It depends on the last time you have updated your software.

  1. After covering the above-mentioned step, you need to enter the online login information of your QuickBooks account. Click on the terms and service and agree to it. After that, click on “Submit”.
  2. In case, your file comprises of inventory and you are importing from the latest version, then you might have to follow an extra step. If not, then you can skip to the next step, as mentioned.
  3. You have to choose the online company, where you want to import data to. If not, you have the liberty to create a new company of your own.
  4. Once you are through with it, click on “Ok, Got It” tab. The company will send you an email once the process is done.

After Completion of the Migration Service:

Once you are through with the migration period, you can sign in to online QuickBooks account. It is mandatory to compare between balance sheet and profit and loss standard reports in QuickBooks and QBO for ensuring that data has been transformed in a proper manner.  For that, reliable experts are more than happy to work on. There are certain initial and final stages associated with QuickBooks Data Migration Support service. If you want to know more about the migration service, make sure to keep your eyes open and follow the points, as mentioned.

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