Brings You Two Options for QuickBooks Recovery

Brings You Two Options for QuickBooks Recovery

The chosen QuickBooks Recovery Support team can help you to recover data from some of your damaged files. It is most of the time necessary to wait for multiple days without QuickBooks for the teams for recovering files.  It was in the year QuickBooks 2012 when Auto data recovery came into being and with QuickBooks Enterprise solutions under 13.0 R4 version later. These services are designed to offer you with all forms of data right now. This solution is mostly used for appropriate troubleshooting services, and the resourced used for the same. There are practically two ways available, which can help in recovering the lost file.

  • You can use the steps for recreating lost transactions by proper use of the present transaction log file. You even have to check out on the copy of the selected company file.
  • You can even try to recreate all but the last transaction hours with a copy of the transaction log file and company file.

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Important Points to Note:

There are certain major points to consider while working on QuickBooks Recovery Support. It is important to check out on the basic notes over here for good.

  • Remember that ADR is only available in Premier, Pro an Enterprise Solutions for Windows from QuickBooks.
  • This feature is designed to be not available in the Accountant editions.
  • ADR file size limitation is going to be 1.5 Gigabytes. In case, your chosen backup is bigger than this 1.5 gigabytes option, then ADR might not be created.
  • For maximizing your feature, ensure that QuickBooks Desktop is always updated with the latest version available.
  • Remember to follow the solutions as mentioned and do not try to work on your own.

Trying out the First Solution:

The first solution under QuickBooks Recovery Support has to be the use of the original.TLG file with the help of.QBW.adr file. You can utilize the original form of transaction log file along with the ADR version of company file for recovering the recent based transactions.

  • First of all create a new folder on the desktop, which is named as QBTest.
  • After that, open the folder where you have saved the company file. You can even check the location of the file on product Information and even on “no company open window.”
  • Now, it is time to copy the corresponding.TLG file of company file and paste the same to QBTest folder on the desktop. For this, you have to press Windows +E on the keyboard and open file explorer. Next, click on the “organize” button and select “folder and search options.” Click on the “view” option and select the chosen “file name extension.” Select the option “hide extensions for the known file types.” After that, click on “apply” and “ok.”
  • Next step, you can choose “QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery” folder. It is going to be in the same location as the company file.
  • For the next step, you can click on them.QBW.adr file and paste it to the QBTest folder. You should have a .QBW.adr and the .tlg file on the current QBTest folder.
  • In the present QBTest folder, you have to right-click on them.QBW.adr file and then select the option “rename”.
  • Delete the “.adr” from the end of the file.
  • For the next stop, open QuickBooks.
  • After that, the company file, which is saved on QBTest folder. You can use the account register for verifying the transactions available over here.
  • Make sure to run on verify utility option for ensuring that the integrity of the company file is maintained well.
  • In case, the copy of the said company file is good, then you have every right to move the damaged file to a different location and start transferring the copy from QBTest to its original location.

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Second Solution to Work On:

If the above-mentioned first solution is not your cup of tea, then contact QuickBooks Recovery Support team for the alternative option. In this segment, you can use them.QBW.add and the TLG.adr files. This solution helps in utilizing ADR version of.TLG and.QBW files. This should help in recovering all kinds of files expect the last 12 transaction hours.

  • For the first step, you need to create a new folder on the desktop. It is named as QBTest.
  • Open folder where you have saved the company file. Here, you need to look for QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery folder. As this tip is applicable for the other solution too, you can check the perfect location of a file on “product information” page or on “no company open window.”
  • Copy the said.TLG.adr and the QBW.adr files and past to the QBTest folder.
  • Once you are done with that, on the QBTest folder, you have to remove the .adr extension from the end of file name. It will result in .qbe and .tlg files on selected QB test folder.
  • Next, you have to open QuickBooks. After that, open company files as saved in the QBTest folder. For verifying the transactions, you have to use your account for registering.
  • After that, you need to run the verify utility for ensuring the integrity of the selected company file.
  • In case, the file is good, you can easily move the damaged version of the company file to another location and transfer the QBtest copy version to its original location.

These are some of the basic points associated with QuickBooks Recovery Support. If you have any other queries in this sector, do not forget to ask the Intuit experts for help. They are more than happy to offer you support.

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